Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth III

In my last two posts, I discussed the energetics of conscious pregnancy. I talked about how birth is a natural process that every female mammal on Earth is equipped to handle on her own, without any outside help (and certainly without the need of a hospital). The most powerful example I can give is from my own life:  the birth of my two children and the experience of their mother, Inok.

As soon as I met Inok, the very first moment that I touched her consciousness, her existence, I felt the pull of importance, I felt the draw of divinity. By the grace of the universe, I happened to come to her house in Sedona, Arizona for the after party of a concert. I happened upon this through one of her good friends. And as I showed up to this party with her good friend we went to meet Inok. As soon as I was there, as soon as I met her, the only importance for me at the party was to connect with her. Inok on the other hand was purposely and consciously avoiding me and not connecting with me. She had an idea that it was inappropriate or not okay, because I had arrived there with her friend.

Later on during that evening we happened to meet in the kitchen. She came in to be a gracious host and to make tea for some of her friends and I was there. It was as if there were only us two in the whole house. I engaged her immediately and intensely. Consciously I looked into her with an unwavering stare and I said,

“I’m attracted to you. I feel the pull, I feel the draw of divinity in you. The most important reality to me at this party, the only thing of importance to me here is connecting with you. I have no agenda, I have no attachment or expectation. You can do, you can be with this whatever you will, yet this is my truth, this is where I am, this is what is.”

And she looked at me really having no grasp on how to respond or react or deal with such a presence, so she politely excused herself to go to the bathroom : ).

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Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth II

Check out the first installment in this series:  Conscious Pregnancy I

I say this time and time again:  I am here to live the most awesome, activated life imaginable. To me, this means seeing through rote, built up ways and habits and dwelling in the true source. I relish the opportunity to do the things every other man does, but do them better, and do them within the world of Eden. Yet none of this is about me. There is nothing better than sharing with others.

So here we are. Everything is what it is; we all know what we are. We are obviously very intelligent, but not so much that we are completely aware of all important information. Novel technology laps itself at an increasing rate, and yet, even in the US, the work week can be 50 or 60 or 70 hours long. This is required for one to earn a decent living and support a family. Then as routinely as it comes in, we dole these earnings back out. We pay for the privilege of living in boxes, for the energy which makes us “go,” and for someone else to produce our entertainment and deliver our sensual pleasures. We pay for embalming, a funeral, a plot, and a casket when we leave this world (though that is a story for another article).

And we still pay for someone (a doctor or an obstetrician) to deliver children in a clinical, hospital setting.

This indicates that 99% of all humans on Earth, including the gender most immediately concerned with pregnancy, are disconnected from the perfectly designed process of birth. Sometimes technology frees resources, allowing us to dive more fully into the life experience; but it doesn’t always work that way. It also has the potential to enslave humanity and disconnect us from reality and ourselves.

More than any time in recorded history, birth takes place in a hospital. In the US, 98.8% of births occur in hospitals (CDC Report). It’s easy to forget that hospitals exist to treat medical emergencies. We have become convinced that birth is one such emergency. COMPLETELY FALSE!

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Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth I

As a species, as those “being” human, male or female, we are integrally designed capable of everything that is of true importance to us. It’s built in, it’s natural, it’s God-sent. On planet Earth in this time and space, humans are almost completely disconnected from this truth.

There are many women who are beginning to question, who are beginning to remember. Many may be reading these words right now. There are many women who are now consciously choosing home births, natural births, midwife assisted births rather than doctor deliveries; births in pools, in tubs, and at home instead of hospitals or birthing centers. While these realities are upgrades, they are only the beginning. After all giving birth is a most powerful experience for a woman, and for parents. It’s also simple, totally natural. It’s a huge deal, an extraordinary process! And yet it happens every day and is completely and totally ordinary. This is the paradox of our entire lives.

Birth is happening every day, not only resulting in human children, but also in energetic consciousness. Every moment something is born – a thought, the genesis of an action, collaboration on ideas, creativity. From the human child to the formation of intention, it’s all birth. My favorite example of a type of birth is the breath. There is no physical aspect of existence that is more important, more nourishing, more sustaining than our breath. We can go for some amount of time without food or without water, but how long without breath? As we breathe in, it’s pure source, we’re breathing in pure, sustaining life force.

This air is relative, changing depending on where you are in the world and within yourself, yet this breath is the simple, natural process of birth. For as we breathe, we give life, and as we breathe out, we are surrendering, letting go, dying. Without that breath, life as we know it ceases. As we breathe in again, life is reborn, life is possible. Breath is an unconscious ability. Without thinking of it, you breathe for days and days, and yet still you breathe, just as the body pumps blood, just as the intestines and the stomach process food, just as the liver processes toxins. The body is working to sustain itself, it’s maintaining life, it’s existing, and it’s all built-in. It’s part of consciousness, it’s part of the perfect design. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it’s taking place. You have to really get in the way, you have to really really get in the way for these things to stop, for these things to malfunction. You have to try to stop breathing and then even so most of the time the desire is going to be manifest, it’s going to be birthed to breathe again.

Now what’s really amazing is that these simple natural processes, built and designed in perfection, begin to manifest in human consciousness and human form. The working of cells, the breath, the heart pumping and the circulation of blood – these separate and unconscious processes combine to form what we call the human body. The body manifests within this simple, normal, natural, built-in design, perfect in aspects, but also at times dysfunctional and malfunctioning. When the blood is not pumping properly, heart attack and stroke results. There are people with high blood pressure or low blood pressure because their blood is not pumping properly. There are a great many physical ills that manifest in the human form.

As far as natural and perfectly designed processes, there is no difference between the pumping of blood and giving birth. Since before recorded human history, since as far back as science can tell, humans have been giving birth to humans. Every mammal on this earth is giving birth to other mammals. What’s happening now is that, just like with the pumping of blood and the breathing of air, the simple, normal, natural parts of life, designed in perfection, are broken, or dysfunctional, or fragmented, because of the interference of the human mind. Because of thought, because of ideas, because of conditioning, because of manipulation, because of the abuse from living in this world. So the whole purpose of me writing this is to connect, to remember, to liberate, to empower, to access the state of divinity, and of natural ordinary thrival.

This is the first in a series of New Paradigm articles pertaining to Conscious Pregnancy. Look for the Conscious Pregnancy II in a few days.

Attachment II

Read the first part of this article:  Attachment I

In ways subtle or obvious, people operate schedules dictated by their attachment. This means attachment to a feeling of security, familiarity, a paycheck, a big house, a daily hot shower, a temperate environment, etc. It is certainly possible to enjoy these things without attachment, but realistically, very few are on that level. Seeing through attachment will allow you to maintain peace regardless of the situation or environmental condition. But every person has attachments. There is always room to go deeper within yourself. That’s where pushing your limits and putting yourself in new situations, unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable situations has its benefit.

Put yourself in situations that you’re not prepared for, or where there are elements of the unknown. This is another area in which people experience a lot of attachment – they don’t put themselves in situations in which they feel insecure. Many people are stuck inside their own idealistic and socio-economic cliques and bubbles.

If you are this type of person who has been pushing her limits, who is actively engaged in the process of exploring attachments, then you will find it beneficial to meditate more, spend less time talking, less time watching tv, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web. . .

Purposefully put yourself into new situations, talk to people you’ve never talked to before. And observe the thoughts and feelings you have. Just observe, without judgment, just see what’s there.

A ten-day Vipassana* meditation course is a good example: you’re going into an environment that you’ve never been in before, an environment based on silence, which is rare in most human-inhabited places, and you are going to have a lot of time to be with your thoughts and feelings, becoming conscious of the various levels occurring inside your body.

This is what non-attachment looks like in the New Paradigm:  you are living passionately. You are living from inspiration and with purpose. You are doing that deliberately. That is the goal. Life without desire is pointless. To me, desire is the fire of life, it is the fire of creativity. Without desire there is no creativity. Without creativity, there is no life.

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Attachment I

It is not too far off to say that the story of human life, your life, is the story of various attachments. What attachments? Attachments to sensations. What we call “the human body” (a somewhat arbitrary distinction) is principally a vehicle for the sense organs and other bodily systems – blood circulation, digestion, the nervous system, etc. The function of the senses is to apprehend sense objects, e.g. the eye seeks out visible light, the ear seeks sounds, the tongue tastes. . . But once these sense objects are apprehended, YOU choose what to do with the information (more on that shortly).

Generally, people seek out pleasant and enjoyable sensations and shun painful or unpleasant ones. This is the “story of human life” I mentioned. Actually, you might call it the “story of animal life” as well (the verdict is out on plants and rocks). You taste raspberry sorbet and react favorably. In your subconscious, you make a note to repeat the experience in the future. Two days or two weeks down the road you encounter the opportunity, and you do so. Likewise, you may have a whole list of things to avoid so as to not experience pain.

But alas, our senses are clever and crafty servants. They work for you as long as you are able to remain in control. If you are unable, they gladly take over! A strong desire or preference, built up over time and only broken with difficulty is an attachment.

There is nothing wrong with “choosing your own adventure,” with being alive, experiencing the richness of life. But to foster attachments can really cause some problems. When you don’t get something that you want, or when you get something you don’t want, you become upset and agitated. You can easily see the whole range of implications in your own life or in the lives of people you know. Attachments can be as benign as a predilection for the color green, or as hellish as an opiate addiction.

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QiQi and Noki

Tonight is a doubly blest night~*~

QiQi danced around the kitchen in a pink size 8 pair of women’s flip-flops. Little Noki loves to watch her sister. She especially loves when QiQi is doing physical activity like dancing. While observing QiQi on this night, in delight to witness the play and fun, Noki began to giggle giggle and giggle. All those blessed enough to witness this moment, to experience this moment, were touched and grateful for Noki’s authentic smile full of appreciation and love.

Because the moment was so beautiful, of course we turn on the video camera. As I turned on the overhead lights to try and get better video, QiQi looked at me and said, “turn it off, we don’t need those, Daddy.”

At two years of age, QiQi is already more conscious and responsible about electricity usage than most adults I’ve ever met. Alas, I did not turn the lights off because they were needed for the video : ). She is simply not yet aware that in order to get good video you need to have good light. In her responsible logic she came to the conclusion that there is no need for the light. She truly is of my blood, and of my house. I am grateful and honored.

our noki
our noki

Most Americans are not very conscious of energy use, as we have become so accustomed to a effortless, readily available, and seemingly endless supply. When we have new people here at the Garden, it often takes weeks or even months for them to turn off lights when they are done, or to turn off lights that are not being actively used. I know, this seems amazing, but such is the state of casual carelessness in our society.
The 2-year-old mentor

A few months ago we had two Wwoofers join us here in Eden (if you’re not familiar Wwoofers are, check out the project @ ). They arrived from Japan for two weeks and spoke very little English. QiQi could comprehend and use more English than they, so she spent time pointing out and teaching these twenty-something-year-old Japanese girls what she knew.

This is one of many amazing examples of QiQi’s true caring and supportive nature. Of course she has many selfish moments, yet on a daily basis she is consistently coming from a place of true inspiration, helping people with everything they do. She helps us pick greens from the garden, and she helps us juice them. She helps sweep the floor, put it in a dust pan, and empty it in the trash. She pees in her own potty, dumps it out, and washes it. She helps wash windows, fold clothes, take clothes off the drying line and yes, teaches English.

At only two and a half years of age, there are many very real physical limitations for QiQi, but her inspired help is as real as I have seen. She not only helps with “work,” but does it in a way that can only be seen as play. For her, work does not exist. She is simply living and enjoying what she is doing. This bring perspective to our own approach to work. From the stance of chores and work and HAVING to do something it is very easy to get drained and tired. But doing something you WANT to do and doing it from a perspective of creativity, joy, and importance, the activity becomes enjoyable and fulfilling.

On one hand this is so extraordinary – to see such a small being be so aware and responsible – yet at the same time, why not? Why should it not be normal for children to be as responsible as adults (or much more so)? Why should it not be normal for children to be as aware and engaged in this world as adults? These are powerful questions. We have more to learn from our children than they from us, but our parental perspective still determines to a degree what and how much our children explore.

QiQi is not just intelligent but she is wise, caring, nurturing, playful, authentic, and extremely capable of everything she puts her attention on. I am grateful to have realized the truth of life before having children so that I may provide an environment for her to thrive and grow in her ever expanding capability without limiting her potential with rules, judgment, and preconceptions.

I have chosen to treat QiQi as a responsible, capable being in all aspects of her and our lives. Every day she reflects this understanding. We are blessed with for QiQi to be with us. We are also blessed to consider her a fully conscious and capable contributing participant in our life, rather than a burden that requires constant care.

These are powerful examples of just how naturally awesome life can be∞§∞

The New Paradigm is Awesome~*~

Hospitals, Pharma, and Iatrogenic Death

I came across this 30-second video today and I had to laugh! It is amazing how inconsistent and how prone to failure the healthcare system is and yet how it still wields so much power and influence.

This just highlights one of the many millions of examples of the corruption, lies, and downright poisoning of the human race. Make no mistake about it, keeping people sick is one of the best ways to keep them under control. Sick, weak, and needy people are easy to manipulate and forever dependent.

Allergies are NOT natural. Nor are they supposed to be common. In the natural order, sickness is not prevalent. Back pain, disease and obesity are NOT supposed to be common. Yet in this world they ARE.

It is time to begin to ask questions. To do some real research. I have written a whole book about it for anyone who wants the real deal insight into the consciousness of health. However here I will list just a few realities that ought to get you thinking about health and the SYSTEM of healthcare.

There are MANY pharmaceuticals that once-upon-a-time were approved and in widespread use amongst the masses which have later been found to cause sickness, disease and even death. What’s more is that this has happened MANY times. This is not chance, this is not random. It is a trend. Are 100% of all pharmaceuticals horrible? Maybe not, yet 99% of them are less effective to overall health than the plants that already exist on this planet, free and sustainable.

My favorite example of the unconsciousness and disconnection of the healthcare system is something called “iatrogenic death.” What does this mean? The term means “induced in a patient by a physician’s activity, manner, or therapy.” It is used especially regarding a complication of treatment. Iatrogenic death means is deaths due to mistakes doctors make in their treatment of patients.

Estimated Deaths Per Year in US:

12,000 — unnecessary surgery

7,000 — medication errors in hospitals

20,000 — other errors in hospitals

80,000 — infections in hospitals

106,000 — non-error, negative effects of drugs

These total to 225,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes!!

This data is derived from studies of hospitalized patients. Also, these estimates are for deaths only and do not include negative effects that are associated with disability or discomfort.

Taking into account all estimates, the true number of deaths due to iatrogenic causes ranges from 230,000 to 284,000. In any case, 225,000 deaths per year constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States, following deaths from heart disease and cancer.

The implications of these very accessible and well recorded statistics are staggering. Even if you are not opposed to our standard system of healthcare, you will probably admit that 230,000 is a high number of accidental deaths taking place in the venues where death is supposedly staved off and prevented.

Information like this is no secret. My own personal testimony is just a doorway for you to find out for yourself.



I am inspired by this very basic video, “The Basics of Good Posture,” to write a bit about the body, lifestyle and health~

The body is not actually designed to sit. It is only recently that the average human spends so much time in the seated position – in chairs, working at a desk, at home on the couch while eating in front of the teevee – most of us spend A LOT of time sitting.

It was not long ago that sitting was an uncommon experience. Up until recently, only the rich and civilized could sit all day. What place is there for sitting when food must be hunted or found, the land worked, homes built, etc.?

And now we are facing a huge obesity epidemic. Although there are many factors in the growing population of overweight and sick humans, a lack of movement and exercise is certainly among these.

What I see is a general disconnection from life, activity, and being outside. It seems that since so much of our productivity is centered around bringing comfort into the home, and engineering and perfecting our environment, we feel the need to spend more time in this created sphere. Our “intro-spective” buildings curiously encourage a constant outgoing focus (teevee, computer, phone, etc.) and isolation from, rather than integration with, the out-of-doors (a place where one can participate in very “in-the-moment” physical activities). If you spend a lot of time inside, at least open the windows!

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The only limits in the New Paradigm are those which you consciously set for yourself. A natural consequence of having few to no limitations is continual experimentation with lifestyles and techniques. Nothing *has* to be any way, and all avenues are open. After all, the only goal is to find what works for you, what serves you, and what gets you where you want to be.

I’ve already discussed how to “choose your body,” how to make the conscious decision to live in a healthy body. Once you have committed to health, one way you can explore and perfect the body is to experiment with fasting and what is consumed in your diet. This is decidedly distinct from dieting. Fasting is not a miracle cure, yet there is a good chance you will feel healthier if you do it. Even more importantly, you will be developing a much more conscious connection with your body.

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GOE Youtube Update

Between Edenite Andrew’s magnificent video productions and Quinn bringing the Real, the Garden is on a roll. Recent videos have dealt with feeding the homeless in Dallas and overcoming stumbling blocks in your personal life. If you haven’t already checked out Quinn or Andrew’s posts, here’s a taste:

Be Conscious. Rely on yourself.

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