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QiQi and Noki

Tonight is a doubly blest night~*~

QiQi danced around the kitchen in a pink size 8 pair of women’s flip-flops. Little Noki loves to watch her sister. She especially loves when QiQi is doing physical activity like dancing. While observing QiQi on this night, in delight to witness the play and fun, Noki began to giggle giggle and giggle. All those blessed enough to witness this moment, to experience this moment, were touched and grateful for Noki’s authentic smile full of appreciation and love.

Because the moment was so beautiful, of course we turn on the video camera. As I turned on the overhead lights to try and get better video, QiQi looked at me and said, “turn it off, we don’t need those, Daddy.”

At two years of age, QiQi is already more conscious and responsible about electricity usage than most adults I’ve ever met. Alas, I did not turn the lights off because they were needed for the video : ). She is simply not yet aware that in order to get good video you need to have good light. In her responsible logic she came to the conclusion that there is no need for the light. She truly is of my blood, and of my house. I am grateful and honored.

our noki
our noki

Most Americans are not very conscious of energy use, as we have become so accustomed to a effortless, readily available, and seemingly endless supply. When we have new people here at the Garden, it often takes weeks or even months for them to turn off lights when they are done, or to turn off lights that are not being actively used. I know, this seems amazing, but such is the state of casual carelessness in our society.
The 2-year-old mentor

A few months ago we had two Wwoofers join us here in Eden (if you’re not familiar Wwoofers are, check out the project @ www.wwoof.net ). They arrived from Japan for two weeks and spoke very little English. QiQi could comprehend and use more English than they, so she spent time pointing out and teaching these twenty-something-year-old Japanese girls what she knew.

This is one of many amazing examples of QiQi’s true caring and supportive nature. Of course she has many selfish moments, yet on a daily basis she is consistently coming from a place of true inspiration, helping people with everything they do. She helps us pick greens from the garden, and she helps us juice them. She helps sweep the floor, put it in a dust pan, and empty it in the trash. She pees in her own potty, dumps it out, and washes it. She helps wash windows, fold clothes, take clothes off the drying line and yes, teaches English.

At only two and a half years of age, there are many very real physical limitations for QiQi, but her inspired help is as real as I have seen. She not only helps with “work,” but does it in a way that can only be seen as play. For her, work does not exist. She is simply living and enjoying what she is doing. This bring perspective to our own approach to work. From the stance of chores and work and HAVING to do something it is very easy to get drained and tired. But doing something you WANT to do and doing it from a perspective of creativity, joy, and importance, the activity becomes enjoyable and fulfilling.

On one hand this is so extraordinary – to see such a small being be so aware and responsible – yet at the same time, why not? Why should it not be normal for children to be as responsible as adults (or much more so)? Why should it not be normal for children to be as aware and engaged in this world as adults? These are powerful questions. We have more to learn from our children than they from us, but our parental perspective still determines to a degree what and how much our children explore.

QiQi is not just intelligent but she is wise, caring, nurturing, playful, authentic, and extremely capable of everything she puts her attention on. I am grateful to have realized the truth of life before having children so that I may provide an environment for her to thrive and grow in her ever expanding capability without limiting her potential with rules, judgment, and preconceptions.

I have chosen to treat QiQi as a responsible, capable being in all aspects of her and our lives. Every day she reflects this understanding. We are blessed with for QiQi to be with us. We are also blessed to consider her a fully conscious and capable contributing participant in our life, rather than a burden that requires constant care.

These are powerful examples of just how naturally awesome life can be∞§∞

The New Paradigm is Awesome~*~