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The Source of Great Wealth

There’s nothing wrong with wanting, desiring, or even having great wealth and riches.  If you are living an awake and empowered existence, this may be a natural result. Yet the more awakened, the more enlightened, the more empowered one is, the more one will realize that monetary or material riches are worthless compared to the riches and wealth of love, freedom, fulfillment, inspiration, responsibility, truth, honesty, honor, and respect. The power of these truths, the power of these energetics, are actually priceless.

When I was in Africa, I felt very rich. I didn’t feel rich because I was a billionaire in the local currency, not because I could afford clothing and shoes. I felt rich because I had no need for the clothing and shoes that I could afford. I met tens of thousands of Africans and every single one of them wore shoes and clothing – not because they were rich, but because they were terrified. They were scared of their own land and their own bodies. Even in Africa, a mostly undeveloped, third-world place, the people in the cities are terrified of walking barefoot because of all the dangers – broken glass, razor blades, rocks – but mostly germs, disease, and sickness.

In Africa I walked not in fear, but in faith. I walked upon their land with my naked feet and they were astonished. A Caucasian is very rare in this country because there is no structure, no economy, no money – nothing! No resorts, restaurants, bars, anything that a normal tourist would ever be interested in. The few times that a white person is seen here, it is assumed that they have a lot of money. The Africans immediately try to sell him everything they have, and if they have nothing, they beg for as much as they can possibly get.

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Alone, in Fullness

The truth is: you are always alone. You always will be, and there is nothing you can ever do to change that. But do you know what it means to be alone?

As an experience, it can manifest existentially (living in an uncaring universe, being cast-out from the Garden, separation from God) or interpersonally (feeling disconnected, lacking support, social anxiety). These experiences are part of the spectrum of human emotions. But aloneness is actually much richer than advertised. Consider that:

There is no one aside from you, no one outside of you, and nothing except your experience. This “page” and the “typing” on it exist to you as such because you perceive them with your senses. Your senses receive sense information, send it to the central processor where it is cross-referenced against an encyclopedic chain of meanings and definitions, and interpreted as a “page” and “typing,” neither of which (cross-referenced and verified) “is you.” Nevertheless, I challenge you to prove your identity, to prove that this page and the words on it aren’t as much as your hand, eye, or the tip of your nose.

Totally preposterous? Look at this image:

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