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Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth I

As a species, as those “being” human, male or female, we are integrally designed capable of everything that is of true importance to us. It’s built in, it’s natural, it’s God-sent. On planet Earth in this time and space, humans are almost completely disconnected from this truth.

There are many women who are beginning to question, who are beginning to remember. Many may be reading these words right now. There are many women who are now consciously choosing home births, natural births, midwife assisted births rather than doctor deliveries; births in pools, in tubs, and at home instead of hospitals or birthing centers. While these realities are upgrades, they are only the beginning. After all giving birth is a most powerful experience for a woman, and for parents. It’s also simple, totally natural. It’s a huge deal, an extraordinary process! And yet it happens every day and is completely and totally ordinary. This is the paradox of our entire lives.

Birth is happening every day, not only resulting in human children, but also in energetic consciousness. Every moment something is born – a thought, the genesis of an action, collaboration on ideas, creativity. From the human child to the formation of intention, it’s all birth. My favorite example of a type of birth is the breath. There is no physical aspect of existence that is more important, more nourishing, more sustaining than our breath. We can go for some amount of time without food or without water, but how long without breath? As we breathe in, it’s pure source, we’re breathing in pure, sustaining life force.

This air is relative, changing depending on where you are in the world and within yourself, yet this breath is the simple, natural process of birth. For as we breathe, we give life, and as we breathe out, we are surrendering, letting go, dying. Without that breath, life as we know it ceases. As we breathe in again, life is reborn, life is possible. Breath is an unconscious ability. Without thinking of it, you breathe for days and days, and yet still you breathe, just as the body pumps blood, just as the intestines and the stomach process food, just as the liver processes toxins. The body is working to sustain itself, it’s maintaining life, it’s existing, and it’s all built-in. It’s part of consciousness, it’s part of the perfect design. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it’s taking place. You have to really get in the way, you have to really really get in the way for these things to stop, for these things to malfunction. You have to try to stop breathing and then even so most of the time the desire is going to be manifest, it’s going to be birthed to breathe again.

Now what’s really amazing is that these simple natural processes, built and designed in perfection, begin to manifest in human consciousness and human form. The working of cells, the breath, the heart pumping and the circulation of blood – these separate and unconscious processes combine to form what we call the human body. The body manifests within this simple, normal, natural, built-in design, perfect in aspects, but also at times dysfunctional and malfunctioning. When the blood is not pumping properly, heart attack and stroke results. There are people with high blood pressure or low blood pressure because their blood is not pumping properly. There are a great many physical ills that manifest in the human form.

As far as natural and perfectly designed processes, there is no difference between the pumping of blood and giving birth. Since before recorded human history, since as far back as science can tell, humans have been giving birth to humans. Every mammal on this earth is giving birth to other mammals. What’s happening now is that, just like with the pumping of blood and the breathing of air, the simple, normal, natural parts of life, designed in perfection, are broken, or dysfunctional, or fragmented, because of the interference of the human mind. Because of thought, because of ideas, because of conditioning, because of manipulation, because of the abuse from living in this world. So the whole purpose of me writing this is to connect, to remember, to liberate, to empower, to access the state of divinity, and of natural ordinary thrival.

This is the first in a series of New Paradigm articles pertaining to Conscious Pregnancy. Look for the Conscious Pregnancy II in a few days.


New Paradigm January Update

The Garden of Eden is metamorphosing into the sleek machinery of New Paradigm transformation.

From seven residents a mere two months ago, GOE is up to seventeen, including fifteen adults: Quinn, Inok, Shellie, and twelve others. After raid-survivors Rahb and Amadi each made their exit in December, the Japanese girls (Arisa and Ayano) arrived to live here during their winter-break. We added Andrew, Quinn(again) and Kathleen, Brandon, Will the wwoofer, and now Indie. There is a finite amount of space (between the house and land), but New Paradigm abundance is our forte. Aside from Eden Core, we have people sleeping in two guest rooms, two outdoor trailers, a junked bachelor-pad converted Chevy Suburban, a hammock, and a tent. Soon there will be space for two more in one of the guest rooms with the construction of double bunks.

As often as we see new resident and temporary wwoofers and other visitor come to stay, we regularly experience shifts in Consciousness and energy at the Garden. Every single day we are upgrading our lifestyle, relying on our own ingenuity to solve problems, and finding new sustainable solutions. In the past week, Brian, Chantha, Tyler, and Q(a) completed a 5-stall pen for goats. Next up is a hutch for rabbits. When this is finished we will have a killer goat-chicken-rabbit petting zoo. On the slate is a quality-of-life upgrade that everyone will love: endless hot-water for showers and hot-tubbing, our reward for diligently composting every scrap of organic matter. Look for a detailed breakdown and blueprint of our design after we have it tested and perfected. We have also successfully completed our first aquaponics system, which will support soilless fish-plant symbiosis.

We have a host of smaller projects happening, each helmed by our residents based on their unique skills and interests. One of our youngest residents, Tyler, is a veritable idea mill, enthusiastic to to do EVERYTHING: inspired to facilitate the reality of the rabbits and goats, venturing into making quality soaps and salves, weaving paracord bracelets, and constructing PVC hunting bows with Chantha. Chantha’s constant dedication played a big role in the success of the aquaponics system, and in his spare time he has taken to woodworking and perfecting a boomerang design. Bobbie and Inok are working on sewing aromatherapy pillows filled with herbs from the Eden garden, Kathleen is ambitiously fine-tuning small engines and appliances around the complex, and Q(a) is fermenting foods and making kefir. Brandon is doing carpentry and making houses for birds and fairies, and Dasmine experiments with making natural beauty products from natural and harvested materials. Indie, our newest inhabitant, makes dreamcatchers. August Personage maintains this blog, the EdenEpicThreads Etsy, and, with Quinn, is writing a series of New Paradigm books. It’s certainly no small task keeping fourteen people fed and focused each day, but Isness Quinn Is manages with aplomb, and he does it while teaching Simple Sustainability and Freedom Law at the Garden on Sundays, regularly granting interviews to radio shows (guerrilla network, truth frequency radio, and more to come), speaking at events throughout the metro and country, and running for the office of Texas State Representative as the Libertarian candidate in the 96th district. But Quinn’s real occupation is devoting time to the Eden family, raising his two daughters in an environment of love, freedom, and responsibility, devoting his attention to Inok and Shellie, and supporting and guiding the conscious growth of everyone here as they begin to let go of the suppression and conditioning of the world and awaken/integrate a life of thrival.

We at the Garden of Eden are always pleased and excited to meet anyone interested in finding out more about the New Paradigm or contributing skills or expertise.  We are particularly looking for video filming and editing experts, web design and maintenance masters, and someone skilled in the art of sewing. Contact us via Facebook if you or your group is interested in participating, in our community outreach events or other big projects. You may also contribute monetarily through Facebook or GoFundMe.

A Deeper Practice of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest techniques that has been recorded or taught. It’s one of the most practiced forms of exercise, health, and spirituality. While at essence, there is great potential for benefit and deeper Consciousness through yoga, 99% of the yoga is coming from an old paradigm perspective. It is yoga based on limitation. No matter how many times a day, no matter how many hours one works with these systems or these techniques, one is still held to the perspective of limitation.

Well, maybe I should back-up a bit. In no way do I mean to imply that practicing hatha yoga is harmful. As it is understood and practiced by most of the world in the twenty-first century, yoga is light or rigorous physical exercise which develops muscles, flexibility, breathing, and awareness. It is good all-around physical exercise.

I should also make a distinction here. Historically, *yoga* is an all-encompassing activity. Is has only been in the last century with it’s commercial rebirth and propagation that its primary connotation has become postures and physical exercise. At heart *yoga* is any spiritual practice, meant to bridge the gap between human and divine. And “bridge” is key. Most often burning bridges is not best practice. In this case, when the bridge is crossed, after it has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer needed, the bridge may well burn.

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Sensual, Spiritual Sex

On a tour in Australia, I did a Workshop called “Sensual, Spiritual Sex,” and the whole thing was based on sensual intimacy that didn’t revolve around intercourse*. What does it take to achieve sensual fulfillment? Should we strive for sensuality or sexuality? Is it possible for each of these desires to be mutually fulfilled? In many ways, thinking about sex in terms of sensuality is an upgrade over just “sex.”

Naturally I’m all about sharing the energetics, the Consciousness, the formless first, and then the form, so here’s the main energetic:

When your Consciousness shifts, so will the experience of sex and sensuality. The obsessive desire for sex in our culture comes from the combination of the powerful natural instinct to procreate and the suppressed experience of everything about sex. Sex is extremely and highly repressed in almost every culture in the world. Why? The fear and judgment around sex is control-originated. Governments, religions, churches, cults…If you want to control people, what’s the best way to do it? Make them feel guilty about who they are. There’s nothing more natural than sex. It’s built into the DNA of 99% of all humans. That’s just how species procreate. That’s how they live on. That’s DNA. Have sex, have sex.

It’s different than in humanity, but in nature the strongest male’s seed is spread most often and most widely and successfully. So nature changes and works through DNA. And humans are a part of that DNA. We’re not the same as other animals, but we are animals. Your soul is not an animal, but humans are animals. This body is an animal. This body procreates. This body breathes air, eats food, drinks water and pisses/shits. This body lives on Earth as a physical being. And those physical things are built on that human code. So rather than trying to live in resistance to that, existence is actually much more peaceful, much more fulfilling and much more enjoyable when we begin to honor that. Almost all dysfunctional desire for sex is actually coming from the suppression of sex and an unfulfilled desire to be loved and to be touched and to be cared about. That type of intimacy comes in many ways, but because of the powerful stimulation, sex is associated and often confused with sensuality.

Sensuality begins from day one. When you’re born, you’re naked. You’re born naked!

Oh my god. Really?

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New Paradigm Activation in Costa Rica part I

In 2011 Inok and I traveled to Costa Rica to give birth to our first daughter. . .

While there I was able to be the portal for a truly extraordinary New Paradigm activation. I was sitting with this healer who was originally from Germany, a woman in her 50’s, quite lively, quite evolved. Her life had been totally dedicated to spiritual work for over 20 years. She’s considered herself a healer and been recognized as a healer, a shaman, by other people for many years. She talks to spirit guides and delves into many facets of the unknown and unseen, facilitating healing.

It has been really interesting because I have seen her many times, and been in presence with her many times. I just honor her, respect her, love her. I don’t try to force anything. I always know when the moment is real, is right, is opportune. And so I have just allowed her to be her idea of self, and allowed her to have an experience with me where she is her idea of self.

Talking with me she was able to reach a point of vulnerability, which is an essential aspect for the portal of true activation and transformation to take place. It’s extremely difficult for healers to do this, because they tend to have solidified ideas about who they are and what their role is; here I’m playing that role: the facilitator, the healer, the shepherd – whatever word you want to choose. After being with me for a period of time she was able to really witness and become aware that my energetic resonance, my state of Consciousness, was something entirely new to her. Thus she was able to find a place of vulnerability. She had been in Costa Rica for 15 years and was about to return to Europe. So this is a point of transition, which is always really great for evolution.

She said, “If you have something to offer me, I would be in great appreciation. I would love to be able to utilize that, to take advantage of that.” I smiled at her and I looked at her and just looked at her. After a few minutes of this she started smiling and started giggling and she said, “Oh this is [some German word].” What she meant was something like, “this is conscious exchange.” And I said, “Yes. This is presence, this is existence, this is being.” She was in this state of presence and then thoughts went through her head, which in a state of presence are very obvious. That’s why she started laughing and smiling. It’s sort of like nails on a chalkboard when you’re in a state of presence and you start thinking, it’s like “Ahh…Hello!”

 She was able to feel the contrast between presence and thoughts. As we sat there a little bit longer, words of importance, of Consciousness came to me. It is important to note that words really have no power; it is the presence from which these words are coming that contains the real power. So while not essential, words are often part of activation for many people because it is a very common mode of human thought expression : ).

I have no ideas or expectations for what I say. I simply begin to feel words of importance. I talk to her about the ideal paradigm, the ideal perspective. The ideal balance is to realize that *it never ends*, there’s always more, there’s always another level of evolution. And even so, right now is enough, right now is all that we have, right now is all that is. Truly letting go of “not enough” allows us to embrace now. It allows us to have an experience of the presence of now. This allows for the experience of fulfillment and completeness NOW.

This state of completeness is completeness coupled with incompleteness. This state of fulfillment comes not from having it all, finding the divine truth or the divine answer, or the ultimate end or goal. It’s about being full now regardless of the end, regardless of more, regardless of past, regardless of future. This is really the ideal balance, because we’re able to experience the presence and fullness completely in the incompleteness, in the eternal neverending.

We continued in a state of presence and true connection, bringing words to stimulate Consciousness, and it was really only 10, 15 minutes of words being exchanged that really allowed the gateway, the death giving way to rebirth. I talked to her about death and rebirth and how only as we die can we be reborn. From nothingness everything is born. That open space, that pure potential, that’s where ALL is born.


New Paradigm Activation part II will follow later this week.

Sunday Meetup Series

Sunday is the best day to come to the Garden of Eden. That is often when we host our Epic Feasts, a completely free offering of delights from our harvest, completely open to you (details posted on the FB usually on the Friday before). We also host two free meet-ups every Sunday:

  • Simple Sustainability @ 3pm

Don’t just learn about sustainability, come experience sustainable solutions as they happen. What is it like living in a community of fully realized Self-reliance? We encompass food production, energy conservation, creative reuse, aquaponics, and more. Learn how your life can easily become more sustainable and thereby more empowered and free.

  • Liberty and Justice for All @ 6pm

Quinn will get real with the truth about money, Constitutional law, God-given rights, due process of law – as much as can be shared in just a couple hours. We will be looking at the problems facing our people today, and more importantly the REAL and available NOW solutions that can free us and literally change the world.  

You do not have to be a law expert or spend the rest of your life studying the law or know everything about the law in order to implement practical solutions for realities concerning the law. Quinn has spent years and thousands of hours researching, studying, questioning, and experimenting with the law; he has found ways to condense the most important information, cutting through judicial complexity to utilize the most powerful truths for freedom and justice.

Come join us this Sunday, December 15th (should be a lovely day) at 3pm or 6pm or all day!

Garden Upgrade: Warm Hearth Warm Hearts

This is the first in a series where we will detail specific innovations we are practicing at the Garden of Eden.

Enduring the first pangs of a long and brutal winter, we turn our focus to the workhorse of the kitchen, the fireside forum of our family chats – our humble wood stove.

The hearth is the heart of the sun room and kitchen. Here’s ours:

wood stove baby
The stove in question.

Just a standard wood-burning stove. Immediately it is an upgrade over a gas furnace or electric heat, because it is cheaper and it is fueled by wood, a renewable resource. In most locales, wood is abundant. Considering that we only really need to use the stove for a few months out of the year, and even then only for part of the day, a few trees can power the stove for a long time. Of course there are many opportunities to buy wood, but with a small amount of creativity, anyone can get most, if not all, of their supply for free.*

cook stove
Carmelizing onions.

In December especially, we see the quasi-functionality of this apparatus. At a basic level, we burn wood for heat. In our house, the stove is not enough to heat all of the rooms, but instead of using space heaters (or leaving the gas oven on :), Continue reading Garden Upgrade: Warm Hearth Warm Hearts

the New Paradigm I

The words that come through me to communicate the possibilities manifest in a conscious life are what I refer to as the New Paradigm. This actually has nothing to do with “old” or “new,” for time does not actually exist in the New Paradigm. “New” basically means potential. A paradigm of potential. Consciousness based on infinite potential

The basic difference between old paradigm and New Paradigm is that in the old paradigm (which is mode of the vast majority of the human population), one activates and lives out ideas and beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, true and false – rigid, moralistic, judgmental. In the New Paradigm, one realizes that right and wrong, good and bad, true and false are simply ideas that shape experience, and nothing more. Even ideas that are “good,” “powerful,” or “evolved” are limitations in comparison to pure potential.

In the New Paradigm, one lives from a place of moment to moment presence while in connection with divine source. Aware that “what is” is the result of perception, filter, operating system, etc. Reality, truth, and life are not absolute but relative, and are subject to change. In the old paradigm, because people were convinced of the aforementioned absolutes – not only believed them but even deified them, there was much limitation, resulting in much suffering. 

In future posts I will explore, expand, and expound the New Paradigm in more detail.