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Sunday Meetup Series

Sunday is the best day to come to the Garden of Eden. That is often when we host our Epic Feasts, a completely free offering of delights from our harvest, completely open to you (details posted on the FB usually on the Friday before). We also host two free meet-ups every Sunday:

  • Simple Sustainability @ 3pm

Don’t just learn about sustainability, come experience sustainable solutions as they happen. What is it like living in a community of fully realized Self-reliance? We encompass food production, energy conservation, creative reuse, aquaponics, and more. Learn how your life can easily become more sustainable and thereby more empowered and free.

  • Liberty and Justice for All @ 6pm

Quinn will get real with the truth about money, Constitutional law, God-given rights, due process of law – as much as can be shared in just a couple hours. We will be looking at the problems facing our people today, and more importantly the REAL and available NOW solutions that can free us and literally change the world.  

You do not have to be a law expert or spend the rest of your life studying the law or know everything about the law in order to implement practical solutions for realities concerning the law. Quinn has spent years and thousands of hours researching, studying, questioning, and experimenting with the law; he has found ways to condense the most important information, cutting through judicial complexity to utilize the most powerful truths for freedom and justice.

Come join us this Sunday, December 15th (should be a lovely day) at 3pm or 6pm or all day!


Garden Upgrade: Warm Hearth Warm Hearts

This is the first in a series where we will detail specific innovations we are practicing at the Garden of Eden.

Enduring the first pangs of a long and brutal winter, we turn our focus to the workhorse of the kitchen, the fireside forum of our family chats – our humble wood stove.

The hearth is the heart of the sun room and kitchen. Here’s ours:

wood stove baby
The stove in question.

Just a standard wood-burning stove. Immediately it is an upgrade over a gas furnace or electric heat, because it is cheaper and it is fueled by wood, a renewable resource. In most locales, wood is abundant. Considering that we only really need to use the stove for a few months out of the year, and even then only for part of the day, a few trees can power the stove for a long time. Of course there are many opportunities to buy wood, but with a small amount of creativity, anyone can get most, if not all, of their supply for free.*

cook stove
Carmelizing onions.

In December especially, we see the quasi-functionality of this apparatus. At a basic level, we burn wood for heat. In our house, the stove is not enough to heat all of the rooms, but instead of using space heaters (or leaving the gas oven on :), Continue reading Garden Upgrade: Warm Hearth Warm Hearts

Garden of Eden is featured on We Are Change!

As icy winds howl let us reminisce about a warm day a few months ago in August. . .

That day the Garden of Eden received an unwelcome visit in the middle of the night from the SWAT team and various City of Arlington authorities and. . . code enforcement.

Although the spirit of the Garden never suffered, and indeed has only strengthened, the repercussions of this day ring out as Quinn and Shellie are seeking to hold the City accountable in the courts.  Thus far it has been a Kafka-esque experience involving unresponsive public employees, a “pay first, ask questions later” system, and hundreds of hours of legal study. You can help yourself and help Quinn and Shellie claim the natural rights inherent to every member of the human species by contacting them via Facebook or making a donation to our ongoing fundraiser.

How We Feast in Eden

At least once each week we host a feast open to anyone who wants to experience and share our abundance. Some come for a single evening, but many friends return again and again to be with us in the vortex vibration. We accept all with love and we expect the same; as the sign on our front gate reads, “only love enters here.” We share fresh juice, basil tea, greens, melons, and sweet potatoes from our garden, preserves, and a wealth of gifted and harvested treats. We cook, converse, jam out with homemade instruments, sungaze, stargaze, and sit by a roaring wood fire.

turkey apple

Turkey apple tops the garden salad.

Eden’s feast is not just about the food, but of the real and practiced lifestyle of Consciousness and sustainability. To us, a simple way of life means investing as much as possible in ourselves, in our own work. Instead of eating in restaurants, we cook tastier and healthier food right here; instead of buying organic, we grow our own produce; as much as possible we rely on our own ingenuity to create our own high-efficiency energy systems. Our feast is a showing of gratitude for what we have and what we can create as a community, and we express it through our offering.

Some may call the Garden a “commune,” and some may have terms the describe us, the inhabitants. In truth, we are whatever we decide to be each day. We are builders, fixers, harvesters, gleaners, borrowers, salvagers, savers; we are craftsmen, writers, poets, and food lovers. Some of us are inhabitants of the Garden, some of Gaia, some sovereign nations unto themselves, and some are from the planet Tuatu. Aware of the multitude of possibilities, we are explorers. We pay attention to the consequences of our actions as they affect our natural resources and the planetary environment.

We live in truth, honor, and honesty in this full-spectrum Eden community.


Chantha Touch

holy om
Interbeing around the kitchen island in preparation for the meal.
Eaters at the Garden