* ~ Denial ~ *

It is just amazing how many ideas there are! So many there is no way to quantify them. Our world is a series of ideas (just ask Humprey Davy). As long as we remember this fact, the world is a playground. But if we aren’t careful, if we forget, if we take the magic out of the world, if we start believing in iron-clad rules, rigidly determined systems, institutions and structures, then every idea is a potential hell. Would you rather wake up thinking “these are all my obligations, oh well, better get to it. . .,” or “what game shall we play today?” This recognition is part of the essence of the New Paradigm.

Personally, I feel it is very important to interact and engage authentically and transparently – that’s who I am to the core (and the book of my life is very open). When I express my will, my opinion, I do so without taint of anger or resentment except in the rare case that that is what is authentically true. Believe me – I can express myself with force – but that comes from the honesty and conviction of my words, not the need to guilt or control people. So commonly I’m met with disagreement or judgment or conflict or confrontation, and that’s okay. I would rather be clear and honest 100% of the time and risk coming up against this opposition than allow myself to be tripped up by fear or hesitation, or by getting caught up in games of denial, supposed to, have to, or should. Life is not very powerful when living within the judgment, expectation, and ideas of others.  I would trade a lifetime of pretending in order to gain approval, for one day of true fulfilled raw existence~*~  
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Reflecting in the Moon

Reflecting in the reflection of the moon. 
I feel the clear unfiltered presence.
One breath of fresh cool breeze I feel alive.
As I walk into the moonlight I feel at peace.
Like the breeze all clutter passes and I feel the deep contentment of NOW.
So thankful to let go to be to feel.
Thankful to remember that its all OK.
To remember that there is nothing I have to do or be,
that just being present is enough.
The eternal peace
once remembered I am excited to re-enter the world of progress.
The world of creation and evolution.
Contrast the divine dichotomy everything and nothing.

~ A New Paradigm Christmas ~

Today we are happy, we are in love, and we are feasting. Yet instead of spending money to be happy, we are feasting upon free food, healthy food, sustainable food. Instead of plastic from a factory in China, we are blessed each day with gifts that cannot be packaged. We make wine, we build houses, we make toys, and on a daily basis we are enriched. December 25th is like any other day, and every day is like Christmas in Eden.

On Christmas Day, people all over the world are excited, feasting, traveling, visiting – and if they have money – spending lots of it. Children especially look forward to Christmas with eager anticipation. There are two reasons for this:

1) It’s a holiday from school, and

2) Presents.

While these things are undoubtedly occasions for joy, they also highlight the dark side of Christmas, which is only partially masked by the facade of joy.

For children and students everywhere, Christmas is a long-anticipated relief, an escape from the prison that is school. As with spring and summer breaks, the best part of school is being OUT of it! Adults recognize this too. Aside from a short summer vacation, the week from Christmas to New Year’s Day is a rare chance to take it easy and be away from work. Of course, everyone goes back. There needs to be some way to pay the bills racked up over holiday.

To so many people, LIFE is actually a prison. When you HAVE to be somewhere, whether you enjoy it or not, whether it is important to you or not, that is slavery. And for what? For plastic goods made in Chinese factories? For some genetically modified superchemical food? To ensure a safe and benign existence?

The second most celebrated aspect of Christmas is. . . the presents! For some this means hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent. For others this means hand-me-down clothing, or if you’re Bill Murray in the movie “Scrooged,” a package of meat from his butcher father. Rich kids get big, expensive presents; oftentimes so do the “poor kids,” whose parents work countless hours to try and compensate their children for the sad overworked lives they will inherit.

Especially because it is Christmas, let us remember that for many, life is horror. Not surrounded by  loved ones, no money, nothing special or fancy, nowhere to be. I bring the truth about human life all across the planet, and sadly, the reality is depressing. But the reason it’s so depressing, is because it is so hard to see the truth that life is really a blessing. Today is all that we have. That there is way more than enough of everything and every day could be like Christmas. The darkness brings the renewed opportunity to see the light of truth.

uber dank food
Could you eat this well everyday?

So here is what I propose:

Every day could be Christmas. It is possible. It is a reality for the 16 adult people here in Eden who do not HAVE to go to work or be in school. Neither of those realities provide anything of real value anyways. Thinking that life is about mandatory schooling or putting in 30 years for corporate and then retiring is an obsolete paradigm. If you’re lucky, you’re spending Christmas Day with those you love the most – do you think it is impossible to have this every day (at least every day you want it). The over-emphasis on consumerism and the holidays obscures the fact that any day is a good day to give gifts to those around you – the gift of your love, your empathy, your attention. It is possible to feast each day from the foods you love the most. It is possible to wake up rested and excited about the day. It is possible to be creative and fulfilled with the days endeavors and be stronger and healthier each day instead of older and fatter. Life is a miracle and anything is possible. It’s worth a try. You can always go back.  If you do not believe these things are possible, then of course it appears that way. Yet myself and everyone at the Garden are living, breathing, examples that this IS possible. That is the perspective we embody at The Garden of Eden.



The Source of Great Wealth

There’s nothing wrong with wanting, desiring, or even having great wealth and riches.  If you are living an awake and empowered existence, this may be a natural result. Yet the more awakened, the more enlightened, the more empowered one is, the more one will realize that monetary or material riches are worthless compared to the riches and wealth of love, freedom, fulfillment, inspiration, responsibility, truth, honesty, honor, and respect. The power of these truths, the power of these energetics, are actually priceless.

When I was in Africa, I felt very rich. I didn’t feel rich because I was a billionaire in the local currency, not because I could afford clothing and shoes. I felt rich because I had no need for the clothing and shoes that I could afford. I met tens of thousands of Africans and every single one of them wore shoes and clothing – not because they were rich, but because they were terrified. They were scared of their own land and their own bodies. Even in Africa, a mostly undeveloped, third-world place, the people in the cities are terrified of walking barefoot because of all the dangers – broken glass, razor blades, rocks – but mostly germs, disease, and sickness.

In Africa I walked not in fear, but in faith. I walked upon their land with my naked feet and they were astonished. A Caucasian is very rare in this country because there is no structure, no economy, no money – nothing! No resorts, restaurants, bars, anything that a normal tourist would ever be interested in. The few times that a white person is seen here, it is assumed that they have a lot of money. The Africans immediately try to sell him everything they have, and if they have nothing, they beg for as much as they can possibly get.

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On Eating

I like to have coffee and cheesecake for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. And I like to do it whenever I want to. And I do eat cheesecake or whatever I want for breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever I want.

And the really beautiful thing about this is:  I don’t do it every day and I don’t want to do it everyday. The powerful truth, which at some point must be understood, is that it’s the resistance, judgment, and guilt – the ideas we have constructed around something – that create friction, the dysfunction, and problems.

If you have the idea that it’s not okay or it’s wrong or bad to eat cheesecake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, anytime – not only is it going to be less enjoyable and more unhealthy when it is eaten, but it’s likely, if you were to allow yourself to do such a thing, you would experience some sort of binging or an addiction, a much more involved reality than the simple act of eating cheesecake.

Let’s also remember that we don’t actually need anything. Yet we can have anything. And so there’s lots of substances on this earth that most humans are consuming on a daily basis from the perspective of need. “I’m alright, I don’t need much . . . except coffee. All day. But that’s all.” Coffee, tobacco, marijuana – but also: a car, indoor plumbing, another person’s approval and validation . . . Instead of experiencing the full range of possibilities (and there are so many : ), we are stuck in this limited experience, this relationship of need.

So if you’re someone who thinks you “need to eat breakfast” in order to function, it’s really only that idea that’s creating that reality. Or if you’re someone that thinks you “need coffee in order to think or function,” that idea goes a long way toward creating that reality.

And so I can eat whatever I want as my dinner, my breakfast, or as my lunch, and I will still be way healthier than 99.9% of humans on the planet. It doesn’t even really matter what they’re eating. The reason is I’m living in this energetic embrace, this energetic freedom, this energetic abundance, this energetic health of thrival and well-being. Whatever I do, whatever happens, whatever form manifests in my experience is in alignment with the formless. So I eat cheesecake, or pie, or a plate of cookies for breakfast, lunch or dinner as today – I eat whatever I want and I eat whenever I want – but I don’t feel bad about it. And it is completely devoid of need or addiction. I don’t have to make any rules or systems or programs.

All those ideas, rules, stipulations, they create more limitation. I just simply exist and when an opportunity arises for me to have cheesecake for breakfast then I do. Or maybe for 3 weeks I don’t even eat breakfast. One meal a day is normally plenty for me and normally it’s a dinner. It’s a dinner meal for me. Oftentimes it’s just a huge salad. But even this, and its not something I’m trying to do, its naturally manifesting, its naturally developing from my the formless reality of thrival.

And so in appreciation, in love, in enjoyment of this gloriously beautiful day, of the cheesecakes and pies of the world, and of the thriving souls here in Eden, the only thing I’ve eaten today is cheesecake and coffee.



New Paradigm Activation in Costa Rica Part II

This article is continued from NP Activation part I.

Without death there is no pure potential, there’s no clean state, there’s no open space. The cup is full. You can’t refill the cup with a new beverage if it’s full of something else. For me, the death and the rebirth is so obvious and real and true. As I breathe out, I am nothing. I have nothing. I’m just a drop of water. I’m just a grain of sand. Dust.

And then as I breathe in I am everything. I can do anything. It’s all possible, and it never ends. And as I breathe out: surrender, letting go. Death. And as I breathe in: embrace, engagement, passion, inspiration. Each new moment as I die I’m able to experience the Fullness the freshness the newness the nowness of now. But without that death it’s not new, it’s not fresh, it’s not now. It’s a projection, an idea, an attachment, an expectation. Now is always now. Yet without the awareness of awareness the experience simply is not. It is in the surrender, the letting go, that we embrace the now, the present experience of BEING~*~

The body’s cells are continually dying and being reborn. There are countless cells in the human body and their life cycle is apparent, an exchange of death and birth. Same with the skin – there’s dead skin and there’s new skin. Day by day the skin is there. Year after year, the skin is there. But if you are aware, you realize that skin is always dying and new skin is always being reborn. It’s never the same skin, it’s always new skin.

Cells are dying and being reborn, but they’re being reborn from certain defined memories and beliefs. Rather than having a cell that is born as pure potential, a clean slate, you’ve got a cell that’s fragmented. It’s born with attachment, expectation, and an agenda. So the real reason aging is taking place is because there is a cellular Consciousness in alignment with aging (or sickness, or death). These conditions have become so normal that people don’t even think about them. Regeneration in degeneration! But when you’re able to truly die, to let go of all ideas, all agendas, all attachments, all expectations, all control: Boom! Pure potential bursts open and ANYTHING is now possible~*~

After all: Everything is energy, everything is Consciousness, and it’s always in alignment.

Returning to the healer: the key that allowed this New Paradigm activation was the realization that all of her healing work is old paradigm. All of her healing work is based on limitation. She’s a spiritual teacher and so people are coming to her for help, so there are a lot of ideas, a lot of ego involved with that. To face the reality that all of that healing work is based on limitation – that’s a huge, crushing blow. So now the door is open. It makes death potentially very easy. The New Paradigm feast is on a silver platter and I’m just on my knees holding this. She can eat from it, she can taste from it, she can feast from it to her fulfillment.

Most of the time there is a lot of baggage, trauma, repression, stuff that needs to be processed and let go of. Sometimes that experience is very intense or uncomfortable. But because she has been dedicated to spirituality for more than 20 years, and has basically devoted her life to spiritual work and processing, she’s already processed a lot. And even though she’s still in the old paradigm, she’s really come to peace with most of that trauma. And even parts of her life that are still uncomfortable – she’s sort of at peace with the discomfort.

What I shared with her was: that she was operating from the place of ideas, whereas she could still go deeper. People come to her and then she talks about spirits. Everyday she is clearing spirits not only in her house and in her area but for the world. But it is all based on limitation because it all rests on these ideas. When you fully awaken, when you fully become liberated, when you realize the power of the infinite, pure potential, ideas no longer matter. There could be 1000 spirits around you that are all caught in limbo and you’re just breathing and you’re smiling. They can be and you can be, rather than having to clear them all the time. And so I told her: “Your work is valuable, yet it isn’t sustainable; you’re helping people but they just need help again.” And that’s a problem with spiritual teachers and spiritual teachings and the books, healing, diets, systems, routines, and formulas. They’re based on the old paradigm limitation of ideation and thus they only approach, but do not fathom the infinite (except for the ones that do, of course ;-).

In the New Paradigm we realize that everything is energy and it’s all in alignment. Nothing matters, because it never ends! So it isn’t about changing the world. It’s not about changing anybody. It’s not about changing the spirits, it’s not about changing myself, it’s not about changing anything. It’s simply breathing in a state of presence; it’s a state of connection, right now. Breathing, feeling good right now. Thus the experience is in alignment with that and all the form that manifests is in alignment with that. It’s just so beautiful to exist! So amazing, so awe inspiring to witness a transformation like this. In gratitude I breathe. In passion I share.


Activations do not happen exclusively in the lower latitudes. With Quinn, the possibility is ever-present. Experience activation in any sphere, intention, or situation (more information here). Set up an in- person meeting or phone conference by calling 817/992.4615 or by emailing QuinnEaker@gmail.com.

New Paradigm Activation in Costa Rica part I

In 2011 Inok and I traveled to Costa Rica to give birth to our first daughter. . .

While there I was able to be the portal for a truly extraordinary New Paradigm activation. I was sitting with this healer who was originally from Germany, a woman in her 50’s, quite lively, quite evolved. Her life had been totally dedicated to spiritual work for over 20 years. She’s considered herself a healer and been recognized as a healer, a shaman, by other people for many years. She talks to spirit guides and delves into many facets of the unknown and unseen, facilitating healing.

It has been really interesting because I have seen her many times, and been in presence with her many times. I just honor her, respect her, love her. I don’t try to force anything. I always know when the moment is real, is right, is opportune. And so I have just allowed her to be her idea of self, and allowed her to have an experience with me where she is her idea of self.

Talking with me she was able to reach a point of vulnerability, which is an essential aspect for the portal of true activation and transformation to take place. It’s extremely difficult for healers to do this, because they tend to have solidified ideas about who they are and what their role is; here I’m playing that role: the facilitator, the healer, the shepherd – whatever word you want to choose. After being with me for a period of time she was able to really witness and become aware that my energetic resonance, my state of Consciousness, was something entirely new to her. Thus she was able to find a place of vulnerability. She had been in Costa Rica for 15 years and was about to return to Europe. So this is a point of transition, which is always really great for evolution.

She said, “If you have something to offer me, I would be in great appreciation. I would love to be able to utilize that, to take advantage of that.” I smiled at her and I looked at her and just looked at her. After a few minutes of this she started smiling and started giggling and she said, “Oh this is [some German word].” What she meant was something like, “this is conscious exchange.” And I said, “Yes. This is presence, this is existence, this is being.” She was in this state of presence and then thoughts went through her head, which in a state of presence are very obvious. That’s why she started laughing and smiling. It’s sort of like nails on a chalkboard when you’re in a state of presence and you start thinking, it’s like “Ahh…Hello!”

 She was able to feel the contrast between presence and thoughts. As we sat there a little bit longer, words of importance, of Consciousness came to me. It is important to note that words really have no power; it is the presence from which these words are coming that contains the real power. So while not essential, words are often part of activation for many people because it is a very common mode of human thought expression : ).

I have no ideas or expectations for what I say. I simply begin to feel words of importance. I talk to her about the ideal paradigm, the ideal perspective. The ideal balance is to realize that *it never ends*, there’s always more, there’s always another level of evolution. And even so, right now is enough, right now is all that we have, right now is all that is. Truly letting go of “not enough” allows us to embrace now. It allows us to have an experience of the presence of now. This allows for the experience of fulfillment and completeness NOW.

This state of completeness is completeness coupled with incompleteness. This state of fulfillment comes not from having it all, finding the divine truth or the divine answer, or the ultimate end or goal. It’s about being full now regardless of the end, regardless of more, regardless of past, regardless of future. This is really the ideal balance, because we’re able to experience the presence and fullness completely in the incompleteness, in the eternal neverending.

We continued in a state of presence and true connection, bringing words to stimulate Consciousness, and it was really only 10, 15 minutes of words being exchanged that really allowed the gateway, the death giving way to rebirth. I talked to her about death and rebirth and how only as we die can we be reborn. From nothingness everything is born. That open space, that pure potential, that’s where ALL is born.


New Paradigm Activation part II will follow later this week.

Sunday Meetup Series

Sunday is the best day to come to the Garden of Eden. That is often when we host our Epic Feasts, a completely free offering of delights from our harvest, completely open to you (details posted on the FB usually on the Friday before). We also host two free meet-ups every Sunday:

  • Simple Sustainability @ 3pm

Don’t just learn about sustainability, come experience sustainable solutions as they happen. What is it like living in a community of fully realized Self-reliance? We encompass food production, energy conservation, creative reuse, aquaponics, and more. Learn how your life can easily become more sustainable and thereby more empowered and free.

  • Liberty and Justice for All @ 6pm

Quinn will get real with the truth about money, Constitutional law, God-given rights, due process of law – as much as can be shared in just a couple hours. We will be looking at the problems facing our people today, and more importantly the REAL and available NOW solutions that can free us and literally change the world.  

You do not have to be a law expert or spend the rest of your life studying the law or know everything about the law in order to implement practical solutions for realities concerning the law. Quinn has spent years and thousands of hours researching, studying, questioning, and experimenting with the law; he has found ways to condense the most important information, cutting through judicial complexity to utilize the most powerful truths for freedom and justice.

Come join us this Sunday, December 15th (should be a lovely day) at 3pm or 6pm or all day!

What Kind of Body Do You Want?

For more than thirteen years I have cultivated a deep understanding and connection with the health of my body. Not only outwardly – in how I stay fit, store energy, and avoid illness –  but subliminally also – a much less understood dimension of bodily health. I am the sort of person who feels that if I can’t climb a mountain barefoot, I am not in good enough shape. If I cannot climb any tree, with or without branches, I am not in my ideal body. If I don’t have the balance and flexibility to do a yoga pose on demand, I am out of shape. But *health* is different for every person – what really matters is knowing what kind of body you want to have. All of us are capable.

quinn at the garden

“Our bodies are highly capable, designed in perfection.”

Yet bodies are undoubtedly subject to and influenced by environmental conditions. And the environment is ruled by the Consciousness of each body. Because everything is energy and it’s all in alignment, the conscious direction of energy is the most influential factor in development and your physical manifestation.

Ask yourself: “what type of body feels good for me?” It doesn’t matter how old you are or how overweight you are. The body is always capable of a dramatic shift when truly honored. How important is your well-being? Is it just a passive consideration? Or are you ready for it to be truly excellent? A body will not be healthy if abused, neglected, denied, or forsaken. . .

Thrival is an option.“

Our cells are constantly regenerating. Cells are regenerating based on our DNA code, and our DNA code is just memory. Memory is genetics, hereditary traits, or simply the experience contained within the body. Children are born with traits based on the genetics of their ancestors. We can observe superficial traits and map the human genome, but our real work is not with the product, or the code that it supports it, but of the core that gives rise to all else.

When two come together to activate the reality of pregnancy, they transfer energetic Consciousness to this new being. Additional attachments and ideas remain as the energetic vestiges of ancestors. This is quite obvious in the vast difference between races, classes, and cultures. Even being accustomed to having money, coming from monetary wealth, greatly affects one’s perception of life and plays out in generations of family members. Each generation is evolving and adapting to be more capable, abundant, or skilled in the experience of life. This is what we call the process of evolution. Yet too much reliance on received beliefs and circumstance is also a limitation. For the possibility always exists to be Pure, Infinite, Unchecked Potential. And earthly life in a human body necessarily straddles the twin poles of potential and determination (see: Alone, in Fullness).

Outside of the New Paradigm, the concept of Pure Potential seems difficult to grasp, yet in the New Paradigm anything else seems ridiculous. There is no need to perceive this with any judgment; simply explore it for what it is.

You are Pure Potential. The only things standing in your way of having the most fun, enjoyable body, of having a ton of energy, of waking up clear-headed every day, are:

1) Not knowing these things are possible, or even believing they are NOT possible, and

2) Continuing to reinforce this attitude with your attention, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The most important thing you can do is make the choice to be healthy. When you decide that health is what you really want, when it isn’t coming from feelings of guilt, or stigma, or self-loathing, or “I should . . . ,” then you will naturally begin paying attention to the needs of your body. Your body loves to tell you what’s going on. You will begin to notice what foods serve your body well, what meal times, how much exercise and of what type. . .

Full Spectrum Health contains this and much more wisdom pertaining to health and energetics.