About the Garden

The Garden of Eden in Kennedale, Texas has been called an “ecovillage,” “commune,” and “intentional community.” While it may resemble some of these touchstones, in truth the Garden (also known as the Vortex) is an experiment in living out the principles of a higher consciousness lifestyle. We live in conscious awareness, and consequently enjoy a bounty of abundance. Life here is full of experimentation – the Garden is a playground!

New Paradigm Eden is a blog hub dedicated first and foremost to offering wisdom in the form of the New Paradigm through the facets of the Golden Program (everything from Health, to Parenting, to Education, to Housing). It is also a document of the varied pastimes and projects happening at the Garden of Eden.

There are many ways to enter the vortex that is Eden.

If you’d like to attend an event or make an appointment to connect at Eden in person, call or text us at 817-nine 9 two 4 six 1 five.

email:   gardenofedenvortex  at gmail dot com

Directions to the Garden




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