Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth III

In my last two posts, I discussed the energetics of conscious pregnancy. I talked about how birth is a natural process that every female mammal on Earth is equipped to handle on her own, without any outside help (and certainly without the need of a hospital). The most powerful example I can give is from my own life:  the birth of my two children and the experience of their mother, Inok.

As soon as I met Inok, the very first moment that I touched her consciousness, her existence, I felt the pull of importance, I felt the draw of divinity. By the grace of the universe, I happened to come to her house in Sedona, Arizona for the after party of a concert. I happened upon this through one of her good friends. And as I showed up to this party with her good friend we went to meet Inok. As soon as I was there, as soon as I met her, the only importance for me at the party was to connect with her. Inok on the other hand was purposely and consciously avoiding me and not connecting with me. She had an idea that it was inappropriate or not okay, because I had arrived there with her friend.

Later on during that evening we happened to meet in the kitchen. She came in to be a gracious host and to make tea for some of her friends and I was there. It was as if there were only us two in the whole house. I engaged her immediately and intensely. Consciously I looked into her with an unwavering stare and I said,

“I’m attracted to you. I feel the pull, I feel the draw of divinity in you. The most important reality to me at this party, the only thing of importance to me here is connecting with you. I have no agenda, I have no attachment or expectation. You can do, you can be with this whatever you will, yet this is my truth, this is where I am, this is what is.”

And she looked at me really having no grasp on how to respond or react or deal with such a presence, so she politely excused herself to go to the bathroom : ).

Later on that night as the party unfolded, she and her friend were sitting on the couch being friendly and ‘lovey-dovey’ with each other, sharing kind words and laughs and touch. I came to them and sat down on the floor, my hand on each of them, looking at them. As I was looking at them, as I was engaging the vortex, Inok looked at me; we looked at each other and we connected. The connection, the feeling, the experience was tangible. Not only could we feel it but her friend could also feel it. And in that dynamic the moment was disengaged, but it happened, it was experienced, it was real. As the night was coming to a close she wished her guests a good night. I was simply breathing and standing, awaiting the moment of importance.

I live in intuition, I live by faith, and I felt no reason, no truth in leaving, so there I was still breathing. She came to me and said, “Would you like to sleep with me in my room?” And I replied, “That would be ideal”.

We walked silently to the end of the house to the master bedroom, where her king-sized bed of high quality with perfectly whites sheets, fluffy pillows, and large comforters awaited us. While she did not have any experience talking or communicating with me, she had a relative intuitive sense of me. The two main reasons that manifested in her invitation were 1) that she also felt the pull of importance, and 2) she felt safe. She felt that I did not have an agenda, and that I was there in purity, responsibility, and truth. And while Inok was very accustomed to having men in her bed, she actually kept a set of fake pajamas in her closet that she would put on during certain occasions. By herself or with those which she was in truth with she never slept with clothes, she always slept naked. Yet there were some people that slept in her bed with whom she preferred to have clothes on, so she had this fake pair of pajamas that she would wear to enter her bed.

Even though we’ve never really talked and even though she didn’t actually know me, she skipped that process, took off her clothes and got into bed, so I did the same. We laid in bed breathing, feeling the space between. I said nothing for a time, she said nothing for a time. We simply laid there and breathed. And then I said to her, I said,

“There’s nothing we have to do, there’s nothing you have to do, there’s nothing you have to be. Yet anything is possible. My specialty is in the activation of pure potential into conscious possibility. My specialty is consciousness, my specialty is awareness, my specialty is finding clarity and bridging that which can be. And if you’re interested, if there is any aspect of your life that you feel will be benefit to upgrade, to enhance, to activate clarity to embody freedom, abundance, empowerment or that which is important to you, then we may do this”.

And while she did not understand what that meant, she said “yes.” So I took a deep breath. She did not provide any specifics or any questions, any information, she simply answered “yes.” So I just breathed. Silence for moments. And then I said, “Well, the energetic of consciousness that seems most surface right now is the consciousness of sex. There is no way that I can or will have sex with you in the current state of consciousness, because if we engage in sex now, then we set the foundation for our future. If engage in sex with dysfunction, with baggage then our relationship will also unfold as such, With the fear, with ideas of the limitations that currently exist. And that will be the foundation not only for our sexual experience, but our experience together. What is important to me is that our relationship and also our sexual interaction is based on the foundation of consciousness, responsibility, and freedom.”


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