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Attachment II

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In ways subtle or obvious, people operate schedules dictated by their attachment. This means attachment to a feeling of security, familiarity, a paycheck, a big house, a daily hot shower, a temperate environment, etc. It is certainly possible to enjoy these things without attachment, but realistically, very few are on that level. Seeing through attachment will allow you to maintain peace regardless of the situation or environmental condition. But every person has attachments. There is always room to go deeper within yourself. That’s where pushing your limits and putting yourself in new situations, unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable situations has its benefit.

Put yourself in situations that you’re not prepared for, or where there are elements of the unknown. This is another area in which people experience a lot of attachment – they don’t put themselves in situations in which they feel insecure. Many people are stuck inside their own idealistic and socio-economic cliques and bubbles.

If you are this type of person who has been pushing her limits, who is actively engaged in the process of exploring attachments, then you will find it beneficial to meditate more, spend less time talking, less time watching tv, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web. . .

Purposefully put yourself into new situations, talk to people you’ve never talked to before. And observe the thoughts and feelings you have. Just observe, without judgment, just see what’s there.

A ten-day Vipassana* meditation course is a good example: you’re going into an environment that you’ve never been in before, an environment based on silence, which is rare in most human-inhabited places, and you are going to have a lot of time to be with your thoughts and feelings, becoming conscious of the various levels occurring inside your body.

This is what non-attachment looks like in the New Paradigm:  you are living passionately. You are living from inspiration and with purpose. You are doing that deliberately. That is the goal. Life without desire is pointless. To me, desire is the fire of life, it is the fire of creativity. Without desire there is no creativity. Without creativity, there is no life.

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QiQi and Noki

Tonight is a doubly blest night~*~

QiQi danced around the kitchen in a pink size 8 pair of women’s flip-flops. Little Noki loves to watch her sister. She especially loves when QiQi is doing physical activity like dancing. While observing QiQi on this night, in delight to witness the play and fun, Noki began to giggle giggle and giggle. All those blessed enough to witness this moment, to experience this moment, were touched and grateful for Noki’s authentic smile full of appreciation and love.

Because the moment was so beautiful, of course we turn on the video camera. As I turned on the overhead lights to try and get better video, QiQi looked at me and said, “turn it off, we don’t need those, Daddy.”

At two years of age, QiQi is already more conscious and responsible about electricity usage than most adults I’ve ever met. Alas, I did not turn the lights off because they were needed for the video : ). She is simply not yet aware that in order to get good video you need to have good light. In her responsible logic she came to the conclusion that there is no need for the light. She truly is of my blood, and of my house. I am grateful and honored.

our noki
our noki

Most Americans are not very conscious of energy use, as we have become so accustomed to a effortless, readily available, and seemingly endless supply. When we have new people here at the Garden, it often takes weeks or even months for them to turn off lights when they are done, or to turn off lights that are not being actively used. I know, this seems amazing, but such is the state of casual carelessness in our society.
The 2-year-old mentor

A few months ago we had two Wwoofers join us here in Eden (if you’re not familiar Wwoofers are, check out the project @ www.wwoof.net ). They arrived from Japan for two weeks and spoke very little English. QiQi could comprehend and use more English than they, so she spent time pointing out and teaching these twenty-something-year-old Japanese girls what she knew.

This is one of many amazing examples of QiQi’s true caring and supportive nature. Of course she has many selfish moments, yet on a daily basis she is consistently coming from a place of true inspiration, helping people with everything they do. She helps us pick greens from the garden, and she helps us juice them. She helps sweep the floor, put it in a dust pan, and empty it in the trash. She pees in her own potty, dumps it out, and washes it. She helps wash windows, fold clothes, take clothes off the drying line and yes, teaches English.

At only two and a half years of age, there are many very real physical limitations for QiQi, but her inspired help is as real as I have seen. She not only helps with “work,” but does it in a way that can only be seen as play. For her, work does not exist. She is simply living and enjoying what she is doing. This bring perspective to our own approach to work. From the stance of chores and work and HAVING to do something it is very easy to get drained and tired. But doing something you WANT to do and doing it from a perspective of creativity, joy, and importance, the activity becomes enjoyable and fulfilling.

On one hand this is so extraordinary – to see such a small being be so aware and responsible – yet at the same time, why not? Why should it not be normal for children to be as responsible as adults (or much more so)? Why should it not be normal for children to be as aware and engaged in this world as adults? These are powerful questions. We have more to learn from our children than they from us, but our parental perspective still determines to a degree what and how much our children explore.

QiQi is not just intelligent but she is wise, caring, nurturing, playful, authentic, and extremely capable of everything she puts her attention on. I am grateful to have realized the truth of life before having children so that I may provide an environment for her to thrive and grow in her ever expanding capability without limiting her potential with rules, judgment, and preconceptions.

I have chosen to treat QiQi as a responsible, capable being in all aspects of her and our lives. Every day she reflects this understanding. We are blessed with for QiQi to be with us. We are also blessed to consider her a fully conscious and capable contributing participant in our life, rather than a burden that requires constant care.

These are powerful examples of just how naturally awesome life can be∞§∞

The New Paradigm is Awesome~*~

New Paradigm January Update

The Garden of Eden is metamorphosing into the sleek machinery of New Paradigm transformation.

From seven residents a mere two months ago, GOE is up to seventeen, including fifteen adults: Quinn, Inok, Shellie, and twelve others. After raid-survivors Rahb and Amadi each made their exit in December, the Japanese girls (Arisa and Ayano) arrived to live here during their winter-break. We added Andrew, Quinn(again) and Kathleen, Brandon, Will the wwoofer, and now Indie. There is a finite amount of space (between the house and land), but New Paradigm abundance is our forte. Aside from Eden Core, we have people sleeping in two guest rooms, two outdoor trailers, a junked bachelor-pad converted Chevy Suburban, a hammock, and a tent. Soon there will be space for two more in one of the guest rooms with the construction of double bunks.

As often as we see new resident and temporary wwoofers and other visitor come to stay, we regularly experience shifts in Consciousness and energy at the Garden. Every single day we are upgrading our lifestyle, relying on our own ingenuity to solve problems, and finding new sustainable solutions. In the past week, Brian, Chantha, Tyler, and Q(a) completed a 5-stall pen for goats. Next up is a hutch for rabbits. When this is finished we will have a killer goat-chicken-rabbit petting zoo. On the slate is a quality-of-life upgrade that everyone will love: endless hot-water for showers and hot-tubbing, our reward for diligently composting every scrap of organic matter. Look for a detailed breakdown and blueprint of our design after we have it tested and perfected. We have also successfully completed our first aquaponics system, which will support soilless fish-plant symbiosis.

We have a host of smaller projects happening, each helmed by our residents based on their unique skills and interests. One of our youngest residents, Tyler, is a veritable idea mill, enthusiastic to to do EVERYTHING: inspired to facilitate the reality of the rabbits and goats, venturing into making quality soaps and salves, weaving paracord bracelets, and constructing PVC hunting bows with Chantha. Chantha’s constant dedication played a big role in the success of the aquaponics system, and in his spare time he has taken to woodworking and perfecting a boomerang design. Bobbie and Inok are working on sewing aromatherapy pillows filled with herbs from the Eden garden, Kathleen is ambitiously fine-tuning small engines and appliances around the complex, and Q(a) is fermenting foods and making kefir. Brandon is doing carpentry and making houses for birds and fairies, and Dasmine experiments with making natural beauty products from natural and harvested materials. Indie, our newest inhabitant, makes dreamcatchers. August Personage maintains this blog, the EdenEpicThreads Etsy, and, with Quinn, is writing a series of New Paradigm books. It’s certainly no small task keeping fourteen people fed and focused each day, but Isness Quinn Is manages with aplomb, and he does it while teaching Simple Sustainability and Freedom Law at the Garden on Sundays, regularly granting interviews to radio shows (guerrilla network, truth frequency radio, and more to come), speaking at events throughout the metro and country, and running for the office of Texas State Representative as the Libertarian candidate in the 96th district. But Quinn’s real occupation is devoting time to the Eden family, raising his two daughters in an environment of love, freedom, and responsibility, devoting his attention to Inok and Shellie, and supporting and guiding the conscious growth of everyone here as they begin to let go of the suppression and conditioning of the world and awaken/integrate a life of thrival.

We at the Garden of Eden are always pleased and excited to meet anyone interested in finding out more about the New Paradigm or contributing skills or expertise.  We are particularly looking for video filming and editing experts, web design and maintenance masters, and someone skilled in the art of sewing. Contact us via Facebook if you or your group is interested in participating, in our community outreach events or other big projects. You may also contribute monetarily through Facebook or GoFundMe.

Sensual, Spiritual Sex

On a tour in Australia, I did a Workshop called “Sensual, Spiritual Sex,” and the whole thing was based on sensual intimacy that didn’t revolve around intercourse*. What does it take to achieve sensual fulfillment? Should we strive for sensuality or sexuality? Is it possible for each of these desires to be mutually fulfilled? In many ways, thinking about sex in terms of sensuality is an upgrade over just “sex.”

Naturally I’m all about sharing the energetics, the Consciousness, the formless first, and then the form, so here’s the main energetic:

When your Consciousness shifts, so will the experience of sex and sensuality. The obsessive desire for sex in our culture comes from the combination of the powerful natural instinct to procreate and the suppressed experience of everything about sex. Sex is extremely and highly repressed in almost every culture in the world. Why? The fear and judgment around sex is control-originated. Governments, religions, churches, cults…If you want to control people, what’s the best way to do it? Make them feel guilty about who they are. There’s nothing more natural than sex. It’s built into the DNA of 99% of all humans. That’s just how species procreate. That’s how they live on. That’s DNA. Have sex, have sex.

It’s different than in humanity, but in nature the strongest male’s seed is spread most often and most widely and successfully. So nature changes and works through DNA. And humans are a part of that DNA. We’re not the same as other animals, but we are animals. Your soul is not an animal, but humans are animals. This body is an animal. This body procreates. This body breathes air, eats food, drinks water and pisses/shits. This body lives on Earth as a physical being. And those physical things are built on that human code. So rather than trying to live in resistance to that, existence is actually much more peaceful, much more fulfilling and much more enjoyable when we begin to honor that. Almost all dysfunctional desire for sex is actually coming from the suppression of sex and an unfulfilled desire to be loved and to be touched and to be cared about. That type of intimacy comes in many ways, but because of the powerful stimulation, sex is associated and often confused with sensuality.

Sensuality begins from day one. When you’re born, you’re naked. You’re born naked!

Oh my god. Really?

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Right now is all I have.

Life and experience are always changing. I never really know what experience will bring even a minute from now, let alone a day or a week or a month or a year. Yet right now I can make a choice that will affect the right now of the future. Right now can drastically affect the future, not only of myself, but of the Earth.

The power is right now.

There are parties and then there is the VIP room at the party. There is behind home plate at a baseball game and then there is the dugout. Compared to the best seat in the front row, the dugout is a completely different world. Life, experience, drama, a story is happening at some level, but what’s really happening is right now. This is where the major leaguers are playing, this is where the masters are dancing, in the now.

Right now I can make a decision. The most powerful decision is in the now. I choose this now. I am ready now. I am here now. This is now. Truth is now. Bam! That’s instantaneous manifestation. That’s instantaneous transformation. Even intention is a far cry from the power of now.

It’s always now. Instead of trying, be here now, instead of attachment or expectation, experience NOW, just now. Trying to define or control now misses what is important in the NOW. So does intention for the future, striving, working. Even healing is very limiting compared to the power of health. Bam! I am healthy now. Bam! Fully capable now. Bam! I can do anything now. Bam! Anything is possible now.

Conscious exploration of now perspective is very beneficial. What we think is important, even what is true is subject to change. The possibility always exists to be more in alignment with well-being, more acceptance, more deep breathing, more alignment with things we deem truly important.

To an alcoholic, alcohol is of the utmost importance. Right under air. In many cases above water. Everything else is low priority: a little bit of food, cigarettes, not family, not home, not a job. And yet what does this alcoholic want? Alcohol! What is important? Alcohol!

The simple power of now. Simply ponder, simply question, explore what is going on within right now. Ask, “Why do I want this alcohol? What is it that this alcohol gives me that I want or that I like?” or “If I could do anything, if anything were possible, what would I really want? What would I really do?” The truth is an alcoholic doesn’t want alcohol. What the alcoholic really wants is whatever feeling the alcohol facilitates. Relaxation, forgetting, letting go, distraction, ease, feeling good etc.

Within this pondering, this questioning, this asking, this exploration, a new possibility, a new land, a new life is found. Awareness is key and from awareness a choice can be made. A choice can be made and progress can happen, change can take place. In the power of choice, change always takes place. There is a death.

In the true decision making process, when a decision has been made, there is a death. There is a death that takes place and this choice takes birth, takes life. This choice, this decision may be beneficial or it may be non-beneficial for the enjoyment of experience, for health. Choices are made on a regular basis that are not in support of health or well-being or love or fulfillment. And yet they are made. Why? Because of conditioning.

What is conditioning? Most of perspective is conditioning. Unless you have awakened to the nature of the universe then your perspective is based on the rules, lives and experiences of interacting in this world. Anything you believe is conditioning. Almost everyone is conditioned and thus conditioning those around them. Unless EVERYTHING has been questioned and enlightenment found then beliefs, ideas and perspective are just conditioned programming.


No matter what the things is, even if it’s extremely enjoyable, even if it works, even if it is abundant, the pondering, the question-asking is a great benefit for expansion. Fine tuning always exists. In every environment, that which survives adapts. That which does not adapt does not survive. Nations can evolve in leaps and bounds, or they can be stagnant.The human mind can hardly fathom the amount of time such subtle evolutionary manifestations are taking place. The scale of life plays out from the atom and the molecule, all the way up to the vastness of the planetary.

~Isness Quinn Is~

How We Feast in Eden

At least once each week we host a feast open to anyone who wants to experience and share our abundance. Some come for a single evening, but many friends return again and again to be with us in the vortex vibration. We accept all with love and we expect the same; as the sign on our front gate reads, “only love enters here.” We share fresh juice, basil tea, greens, melons, and sweet potatoes from our garden, preserves, and a wealth of gifted and harvested treats. We cook, converse, jam out with homemade instruments, sungaze, stargaze, and sit by a roaring wood fire.

turkey apple

Turkey apple tops the garden salad.

Eden’s feast is not just about the food, but of the real and practiced lifestyle of Consciousness and sustainability. To us, a simple way of life means investing as much as possible in ourselves, in our own work. Instead of eating in restaurants, we cook tastier and healthier food right here; instead of buying organic, we grow our own produce; as much as possible we rely on our own ingenuity to create our own high-efficiency energy systems. Our feast is a showing of gratitude for what we have and what we can create as a community, and we express it through our offering.

Some may call the Garden a “commune,” and some may have terms the describe us, the inhabitants. In truth, we are whatever we decide to be each day. We are builders, fixers, harvesters, gleaners, borrowers, salvagers, savers; we are craftsmen, writers, poets, and food lovers. Some of us are inhabitants of the Garden, some of Gaia, some sovereign nations unto themselves, and some are from the planet Tuatu. Aware of the multitude of possibilities, we are explorers. We pay attention to the consequences of our actions as they affect our natural resources and the planetary environment.

We live in truth, honor, and honesty in this full-spectrum Eden community.


Chantha Touch

holy om
Interbeing around the kitchen island in preparation for the meal.
Eaters at the Garden