Conscious Pregnancy, Empowered Birth II

Check out the first installment in this series:  Conscious Pregnancy I

I say this time and time again:  I am here to live the most awesome, activated life imaginable. To me, this means seeing through rote, built up ways and habits and dwelling in the true source. I relish the opportunity to do the things every other man does, but do them better, and do them within the world of Eden. Yet none of this is about me. There is nothing better than sharing with others.

So here we are. Everything is what it is; we all know what we are. We are obviously very intelligent, but not so much that we are completely aware of all important information. Novel technology laps itself at an increasing rate, and yet, even in the US, the work week can be 50 or 60 or 70 hours long. This is required for one to earn a decent living and support a family. Then as routinely as it comes in, we dole these earnings back out. We pay for the privilege of living in boxes, for the energy which makes us “go,” and for someone else to produce our entertainment and deliver our sensual pleasures. We pay for embalming, a funeral, a plot, and a casket when we leave this world (though that is a story for another article).

And we still pay for someone (a doctor or an obstetrician) to deliver children in a clinical, hospital setting.

This indicates that 99% of all humans on Earth, including the gender most immediately concerned with pregnancy, are disconnected from the perfectly designed process of birth. Sometimes technology frees resources, allowing us to dive more fully into the life experience; but it doesn’t always work that way. It also has the potential to enslave humanity and disconnect us from reality and ourselves.

More than any time in recorded history, birth takes place in a hospital. In the US, 98.8% of births occur in hospitals (CDC Report). It’s easy to forget that hospitals exist to treat medical emergencies. We have become convinced that birth is one such emergency. COMPLETELY FALSE!

Instead of being in her comfort zone, surrounded by loved ones in a familiar setting, instead of an atmosphere of loving support, we speed breakneck through traffic to shuttle women into a hospital bed and into stirrups. If the moment of birth is an emergency, what did you think was happening for the past nine months?

What happens next is very predictable. As we view this occasion as an emergency, perfectly healthy, capable women are treated like invalid patients. They are not given an option on how to position, they are hooked up to machines, monitored, fed fluids and painkillers, and are artificially induced to labor. As I said, this is the norm for 4 million women in the US each year.

Consider the surgical birth, the “C-section.” In 2010 nearly 1/3 of all human births in the US were by C-section, that’s 1.3 million operations performed. Meanwhile, there were 36 quintillion non-human births and almost none of them were by C-section (I say almost none reserving the possibility that one or more of these creatures fell into the hands of eager human doctors). This is a great example of the limits of technology and modern medicine. In certain extreme cases, a surgical birth may be necessary, and to that extent, we are lucky to possess the technology to accomplish this cleanly and with the fewest complications. However, this is still a surgical procedure, and as such has its risks and requires recovery time.

And yet there is also a glimmer, a ray of hope. There is something out there called orgasmic birth, natural birth, conscious birth, ecstatic birth. Just because the possibility exists for a home birth, or natural birth, for a conscious birth, for empowered birth, for an enjoyable birth, an easy birth, it doesn’t mean that everyone is ready for that; obviously not everyone is ready or else it would be the standard and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

So what can be done? Even if every single woman is not ready for a birth alternative, surely more than 1% are ready? Hospital births are happening out of fear. The mind, of course, justifies everything, the mind has plenty of reasons to justify everything. Yet the core foundation, the energetic resonance of this decision, of this experience is fear. If you were to truly know that you were fully capable of giving birth, that everything you need to know about the process of giving birth is already present, not only would you not be in a hospital but you would not be around doctors. You would not be on drugs, but instead be in the most comfortable, the most free and enjoyable place with the most important people, and have an empowering experience that unfolds naturally, consciously and enjoyably.

So because people are giving birth at hospitals, because people are having C-sections, because people are taking drugs, because women are even having midwives (having a midwife in-home is a huge upgrade over a hospital birth, but it’s still based on the fear of not knowing…). Why do people have midwives? Without judging those who make this decision, again it is because they are scared. They fear that they can’t do it themselves, that something is going to happen that they don’t know about.

When you look in nature, when you look at mammals, not only do they give birth without hospitals, without doctors, without drugs, without surgery; they do it without intermediaries or any help or support what-so-ever. They do it just as part of their day. You may see a mammal out in the bush, out in the woods forging their food, living their life, and all of a sudden the process of birth unfolds and within minutes the birth is over, the birth is done. Just something to think about.

It seems humans are not like all other mammals. Still, it is just as possible for a human woman to give birth as part of the everyday as any other mammal – without fear, without outside aid, and without support. This does not mean that a woman has to, or should. It means is that it’s totally possible and totally natural, yet almost no women on Earth are ready to engage in that possibility or even conceive or consider of it.

So the first step in going from the old paradigm of birth-consciousness to the New Paradigm is becoming aware of what the energetic resonance is. The embodiment, the transformation of form is relative for every individual depending on their true readiness to die and be reborn. When this true conscious pregnancy and empowered birth is understood, embodied, and integrated, so too will life. Conscious life, empowered life will thus also exist. Because in the New Paradigm everything is connected.

This is part II in a series of New Paradigm articles pertaining to Conscious Pregnancy and Empowered Birth. Stay tuned for the next installment, in which we see the reality of natural birth, as experienced by Inok and Quinn.


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