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The Source of Great Wealth

There’s nothing wrong with wanting, desiring, or even having great wealth and riches.  If you are living an awake and empowered existence, this may be a natural result. Yet the more awakened, the more enlightened, the more empowered one is, the more one will realize that monetary or material riches are worthless compared to the riches and wealth of love, freedom, fulfillment, inspiration, responsibility, truth, honesty, honor, and respect. The power of these truths, the power of these energetics, are actually priceless.

When I was in Africa, I felt very rich. I didn’t feel rich because I was a billionaire in the local currency, not because I could afford clothing and shoes. I felt rich because I had no need for the clothing and shoes that I could afford. I met tens of thousands of Africans and every single one of them wore shoes and clothing – not because they were rich, but because they were terrified. They were scared of their own land and their own bodies. Even in Africa, a mostly undeveloped, third-world place, the people in the cities are terrified of walking barefoot because of all the dangers – broken glass, razor blades, rocks – but mostly germs, disease, and sickness.

In Africa I walked not in fear, but in faith. I walked upon their land with my naked feet and they were astonished. A Caucasian is very rare in this country because there is no structure, no economy, no money – nothing! No resorts, restaurants, bars, anything that a normal tourist would ever be interested in. The few times that a white person is seen here, it is assumed that they have a lot of money. The Africans immediately try to sell him everything they have, and if they have nothing, they beg for as much as they can possibly get.

Yet these people were not concerned about my money or my possessions. Instead, seeing me, they asked for my insight, my perspective, my words. We became human beings looking at each other, facing each other. I stripped down because that’s what I do, being at home in naturalness. No shoes, no shirt, no agenda. They asked me, “What is your mission? What is your ideology? What do you want us to do? What do you want us to believe?” They naturally assumed that I was like all other powerful people and was there to tell them what to do. In fact they were ready for me to tell them what to do to improve their lives. If they could be any more like me, they would’ve been happy to do whatever I told them.   

And so I told them, “There is nothing I want you to do, there is nothing you should do, and there is nothing you have to do. Money is poison. The slave drivers no longer need whips – they have money and you’re their slaves. We are all men and we live on the same planet. I’m simply a man breathing on this Earth here with you, right now, and I simply offer you possibility – do with that what you will.”

“But you must have an ideology, you must have a mission. . .”

It is impossible to comprehend someone who is without agenda – not only in Africa, but anywhere. Yet my only ideology is paradox; ever-changing, undefined, and truly “unrule-able.” It would be impossible to create a book or a system for such an ideology, though I speak of it now.

You are a slave and I love you anyways. You are poor and I see your capability. You are sick and I see your power. I honor and I respect you, I love you no matter what.  I will not give you my money, I will not poison you. I will not tell you what to do. I will not disable your empowerment. I will breathe with you, I will be present with you, I will reflect for you. I will share with you the possibilities of life, of God, of the universe, the simple truth that we were created perfectly and we have the full capability to do anything. And if the things that you want, and if the things that you fantasize, imagine, and dream about, if you do not believe they are possible, then you must ask yourself: “what am I really desiring?” You will find that it is not actually the form that you want at all. . .

No matter how great it would be to have a million dollars, no matter how cool you think you would look in a Ferrari, no matter how beautiful you would look in the most expensive clothing, no matter how strong you think the most advanced pharmaceuticals would make you, you don’t actually desire a single one of those things. Not the material, but rather what lies behind it – the confidence to express yourself, the feeling and expression of being attractive, of being powerful. At some point you will realize that this is so, and that no matter what you have, you still have nothing. That is priceless.

This is how I walked barefoot and shirtless in the wilds of Africa, not once exposed to the plethora of thriving germs and diseases. Drinking water from the wells, walking with valuables and without a bodyguard, and yet never in danger. With pure life force, pure inspiration, and pure God anything is possible. Anything can change instantaneously. The veil disappears, filters disappear, and all of a sudden there is no space between.

No matter how solid a rock appears, its solidity is relative. That rock form is still made up of 99% space. It is a cluster of emptiness in alignment with the conscious perspective that is interacting with it.

Feelings that dictate the experience of life and the formless dictates the form. When you begin to put your power in the formless, in your feelings, you open a whole New Paradigm. It already exists, and you’re either there or you’re not there. You are not held back from there by the weight of your sins, but your feeling of guilt, your shame, and your doubt. You are forgiven and you do deserve Heaven and it exists NOW. You are in it NOW. Recognize it.

As with two streams of water – one of clear, pure water, and the other poisonous, full of contamination. If the corrupted stream were simply to exist in natural balance, all of the toxins and poisons, all of the sickness in that water would simply disappear. No helping the water, no baptizing it, you don’t have to forgive the water, you don’t have to pardon it or give it permission – you simply STOP, stop pumping the chemicals, stop dumping the waste. Simply let the water flow.

You are designed in perfection.  Life is designed in perfection, everything works. The circle of life is perfectly in balance. Instead of simply allowing this to flow, humans are trying to control from a place of fear, from a place of lack. Instead of cultivating the flow of Heaven, they cultivate the poverty of hell. Paradise is not a place of fear. You cannot exist in Heaven if you operate from lack and fear. So build your foundation from the formless, the place of all power.




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