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The only limits in the New Paradigm are those which you consciously set for yourself. A natural consequence of having few to no limitations is continual experimentation with lifestyles and techniques. Nothing *has* to be any way, and all avenues are open. After all, the only goal is to find what works for you, what serves you, and what gets you where you want to be.

I’ve already discussed how to “choose your body,” how to make the conscious decision to live in a healthy body. Once you have committed to health, one way you can explore and perfect the body is to experiment with fasting and what is consumed in your diet. This is decidedly distinct from dieting. Fasting is not a miracle cure, yet there is a good chance you will feel healthier if you do it. Even more importantly, you will be developing a much more conscious connection with your body.

What is fasting?

Generally speaking, fasting means going for a period of time without any food and only drinking some water or juice. Not eating for an hour, or “fasting between meals,” doesn’t really count. But a day, a week, or a month, certainly. And on the morning you finally give in and start eating again, you can “breakfast.”

As an alternative to fasting, you can decide to experimentally restrict your diet. Cut back on all foods except fruits and greens. The key is to NOT eat fats, proteins, or carbs, just very simple clean foods.  Cut out all  dairy, meats, breads, pasta, etc. Anything with fat, protein, or carbs keeps the body from cleansing. Your normal diet, whatever it is, it must be experimented with. You do not truly know anything until you experience it. Most people have been eating the same type of foods in the same amounts their whole life. By eliminating meat and grain based fats, carbs, and protein, you have the chance to see how a very limited range of foods affect your daily well-being (it helps if these are vitamin packed fruits and veggies). If you aren’t eating any food, well, that’s potentially an even more enlightening experiment. It is impossible to imagine how addicted one is to food until one tries going WITHOUT it. It is so beneficial, because eating every day (for those of us privileged enough to have access to food) is so ambient, so commonplace, that (as you are what you eat) you probably do not know who you are in the absence of food. [On a side note, this is true for talking and thinking also.]

Maybe you have experience with fasting, or maybe you don’t. If you haven’t, that’s ok. Just start wherever you are. Go as long as you can without food, or with a limited diet. The longer you go, the cleaner you will feel. The longer you go, the deeper the cleansing. It takes a lot of energy for your body to process food. Eating a lot of food just causes your body to focus on digestion, taking power away from mental and physical processes. Your body takes up to 12 hours just to digest fats and proteins. Eating multiple meals a day, the body does not detox at all while at the same time picking up more toxins in food, water, air, and in consumables.  

There are many ways to tweak and modify your fast. When your body is running crystal clear, the effect of ANY substance is magnified. Coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and herbal medicine, taken in conjunction with a haphazard diet, may contribute to compulsive behavior or function in a distorted manner, due to interactions. But taken responsibly, consciously, and during a fast, you can really get to the power of each of these substances. Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic. You may find the functioning of the nervous system heightened even more. But you may also become aware of the inevitable dehydration caused by caffeine. In any case, as the substances have more of a pronounced effect on you, you can see the character out from behind the normal calorie screen.

Remember, there is nothing you have to do, there is nothing you should do – these are all just suggestions for you – ALL of which I have tried myself. It depends on you and what you discover. Without knowing for yourself, you will never know anything.




One thought on “Fasting”

  1. Excellent my friend, i am spontaneously “fasting” on liquids for the last 5 days, with no real plan or idea why or how long it will take its course and this was a nice thing to read. Your writing is getting better and better all the time, and best of all when I read your words, I can hear your voice speaking and feel your presence. Blessings ~*~

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