radiant quinn

Reflecting in the Moon

Reflecting in the reflection of the moon. 
I feel the clear unfiltered presence.
One breath of fresh cool breeze I feel alive.
As I walk into the moonlight I feel at peace.
Like the breeze all clutter passes and I feel the deep contentment of NOW.
So thankful to let go to be to feel.
Thankful to remember that its all OK.
To remember that there is nothing I have to do or be,
that just being present is enough.
The eternal peace
once remembered I am excited to re-enter the world of progress.
The world of creation and evolution.
Contrast the divine dichotomy everything and nothing.

One thought on “Reflecting in the Moon”

  1. I’m glad I registered to receive post notifications, because you and your family have been on my mind, and I am so very glad to know that you are able to find your center and peace. So, thank you for sharing your words and thoughts 🙂 Much love from Arkansas bro.

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