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I am inspired by this very basic video, “The Basics of Good Posture,” to write a bit about the body, lifestyle and health~

The body is not actually designed to sit. It is only recently that the average human spends so much time in the seated position – in chairs, working at a desk, at home on the couch while eating in front of the teevee – most of us spend A LOT of time sitting.

It was not long ago that sitting was an uncommon experience. Up until recently, only the rich and civilized could sit all day. What place is there for sitting when food must be hunted or found, the land worked, homes built, etc.?

And now we are facing a huge obesity epidemic. Although there are many factors in the growing population of overweight and sick humans, a lack of movement and exercise is certainly among these.

What I see is a general disconnection from life, activity, and being outside. It seems that since so much of our productivity is centered around bringing comfort into the home, and engineering and perfecting our environment, we feel the need to spend more time in this created sphere. Our “intro-spective” buildings curiously encourage a constant outgoing focus (teevee, computer, phone, etc.) and isolation from, rather than integration with, the out-of-doors (a place where one can participate in very “in-the-moment” physical activities). If you spend a lot of time inside, at least open the windows!

As I often discuss, when a being becomes disconnected and out of balance, many dysfunctional realities manifest. There are millions of humans around the world who are experiencing back pain, joint pain, headaches, sickness, allergies, disease and obesity. These are all different manifestations of the same problem. Though all species inevitably encounter some diseases and degenerative illnesses, it is certainly not due to laziness. Many species can travel vast distances, survive the extremes of temperature, go for days without food. That is because they are living holistic lives.

The solution is very easy!

I have actually gone to the very extreme of the sedentary life.  I spent years in meditation and the majority of my day in the lotus or half-lotus position. At another time I was a major gamer and sat playing a specific computer game for 12-20 hours a day, every day, for an entire year. I sat in a chair for more time that year than almost anyone on Earth! I did feel the consequences of so much sitting, but comparatively speaking, my health was not affected much.

No matter how often or how long I sat, I regularly did some kind of stretch. This is absolutely essential. I would get out of my chair once an hour, just for a minute, and do a very quick full body stretch. I would do some kind of 10-minute plus stretch session each day, and while sitting every 10 minutes or so I would stick my arms out to the side or up above my head and stretch my whole upper body.

Deep breathing is also a very powerful health technique no matter who you are or how you are living. The more deep breaths you take (especially in gratitude), the healthier you will be. I have consciously grown accustomed to taking full deep breaths very regularly. This is an extremely healthy and beneficial practice no matter how you are living, but especially if you are constantly in unhealthy circumstances.

Another key factor is overall posture. When I sit, I don’t just sit in the same position. I am constantly shifting my posture, my weight distribution, and as many factors of my sitting as possible. I deliberately attend to sitting up very straight and upright for periods of time to actually use and work my muscles instead of just “slouching and relaxing.” It truly is amazing, the difference between spending 6 hours on the computer with only one break versus sitting at a computer for 6 hours allowing 30 seconds every 15 or 20 minutes for some stretching and deep breathing.

When you combine these very simple and available techniques to your predominantly sedentary life, you will find huge improvements. For myself, even in one whole year of sitting ALL day long I did not gain one pound of weight, I did not develop back problems, did not get sick and only began to develop some mild pain in my wrist joints due to constant mouse clicking. This I was able to heal quite quickly after my sitting days were over.

In the New Paradigm, the best solutions are easy, free and sustainable, and very real and readily available.

Blessings on the way∞§∞



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