Brian Anthony Ruude

On a warm day in November a tall, self-assured gentleman wearing a wide-brimmed cowboy hat showed up at the Garden of Eden. He met the residents, toured the place, talked to Quinn and told us he would be back in a week. Exactly seven days later he was back. Enter Brian Ruude. He moved into the house as our live-in handyman and no repair or construction prospect since has phased him. With steady attention he listens to Inok describe a wall she would like disappeared in order to open up a hallway in the house. He asks a few questions, listens to the answers, nods, and replies: “give me three days.”  Brian is handy, but he is also a Prayer Warrior, a Mentor, and Life Coach. This is his experience at the Garden so far:

To bear the best fruit, plant the best seed. I move according to the good, directed to health and sustainability, living in the light and away from systems that thrive and survive in the shadows. This is how I walk unaffected through the senselessness of a world where the innocent and defenseless are sacrificed for the sake of the wealthy, seeing through the media-propagated lie that the solution is to buy, that the system works, that nature is without soul, and that if you aren’t afraid, you aren’t paying attention. My words are watched, my actions are followed – that’s a hacked account and traced positioning, but also the power of unity and the attraction of righteousness. . .

Before arriving at the Garden, I was doing mass concrete construction in several different states and working on writing a self-help book as well as building my Life Coaching business. I was making pretty good money, but there was something deeper missing in life. I knew there was a greater purpose I had to fulfill. I decided to move back to Dallas, because that was where the Spirit was calling me. I said a prayer about finding a place where I could be myself and help others around me in Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit and Truth. Somewhere I could put to work my well rounded set of skills, but to also tune up my mastery of life. Not thinking that place existed outside of my mind, I started looking for apartments and found a very detailed craigslist post seeking a handyman in exchange for room and board at the Garden of Eden. After receiving a reply email, I visited the website, called to set up an interview and I was immediately filled with the energy of the Holy Spirit saying, this is to be your next destination…  

Eden, “The Garden of Eden,” is exactly what I was praying for down to my roots, heart, mind, body, soul and it was delivered.

The world is still an Eden for those who are tuned in. Most beings will never understand how they are simply destroying the world that was given to us by the Most High. At the Garden we enjoy adventure every day, arts, spiritual awareness, and unconditional love in unity. Can I say this is the way it is supposed to be? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but this is creative construction rather than discordant destruction. Learning from one another as well as developing skills for sustainability, survival, gardening, and recycling on a grand scale, we plan to prevail and cherish the natural resources of the precious planet.

Brian with Tapemeasure
Disappearing the wall . . .

My life is given over to constant communication with GOD and living out his works here on earth through Prayer, Meditation, and the words inspired through the Holy Spirit which burns deep inside of me. Standing up for the crucified that walked in the image of the creator to spread unconditional love, grace, mercy, favor, and dominion to those that may be lost or fighting adversaries but may not have support from those not willing to fight for truth and honor. That “Most High” is God, my Father in heaven, The Great I AM, The King of all Kings, The Father of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac… The Creator of All things including the Gospel which is the “Bible” from then which I gain humility, standards, morals, character, authority, confidence, strength. Most of all they give me the strength to carry on and do my best in all that I do. . .

I am devoted to mastering my craft, which is ultimately the mastery of life. I have accepted my calling as a “Prayer Warrior,” Speaking the Truth, Living the Honor, and Embodying Character by spreading the precious Gospel that is called Unity in all Humility. Understanding difference, accepting change, and living in abundance for the betterment of the world through positivity.

My vision is to turn 30 with a complete comprehension on how to do my part to save the Earth through the gravity of my actions, and their influence on others who are upon the same journey. My vision is to build my character, integrity, morals, and self worth to unbelievable heights and surround myself with people who see the “light at the end of the tunnel” and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. To help those around me fight for the promise of tomorrow…

Pursuing Permanent Peace of Mind

B. Anthony Ruude


3 thoughts on “Brian Anthony Ruude”

  1. I’m proud of you bro… for a long time I’ve seen us as very different but after this I see we are very much a like. . I love you bro

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