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New Paradigm Activation in Costa Rica part I

In 2011 Inok and I traveled to Costa Rica to give birth to our first daughter. . .

While there I was able to be the portal for a truly extraordinary New Paradigm activation. I was sitting with this healer who was originally from Germany, a woman in her 50’s, quite lively, quite evolved. Her life had been totally dedicated to spiritual work for over 20 years. She’s considered herself a healer and been recognized as a healer, a shaman, by other people for many years. She talks to spirit guides and delves into many facets of the unknown and unseen, facilitating healing.

It has been really interesting because I have seen her many times, and been in presence with her many times. I just honor her, respect her, love her. I don’t try to force anything. I always know when the moment is real, is right, is opportune. And so I have just allowed her to be her idea of self, and allowed her to have an experience with me where she is her idea of self.

Talking with me she was able to reach a point of vulnerability, which is an essential aspect for the portal of true activation and transformation to take place. It’s extremely difficult for healers to do this, because they tend to have solidified ideas about who they are and what their role is; here I’m playing that role: the facilitator, the healer, the shepherd – whatever word you want to choose. After being with me for a period of time she was able to really witness and become aware that my energetic resonance, my state of Consciousness, was something entirely new to her. Thus she was able to find a place of vulnerability. She had been in Costa Rica for 15 years and was about to return to Europe. So this is a point of transition, which is always really great for evolution.

She said, “If you have something to offer me, I would be in great appreciation. I would love to be able to utilize that, to take advantage of that.” I smiled at her and I looked at her and just looked at her. After a few minutes of this she started smiling and started giggling and she said, “Oh this is [some German word].” What she meant was something like, “this is conscious exchange.” And I said, “Yes. This is presence, this is existence, this is being.” She was in this state of presence and then thoughts went through her head, which in a state of presence are very obvious. That’s why she started laughing and smiling. It’s sort of like nails on a chalkboard when you’re in a state of presence and you start thinking, it’s like “Ahh…Hello!”

 She was able to feel the contrast between presence and thoughts. As we sat there a little bit longer, words of importance, of Consciousness came to me. It is important to note that words really have no power; it is the presence from which these words are coming that contains the real power. So while not essential, words are often part of activation for many people because it is a very common mode of human thought expression : ).

I have no ideas or expectations for what I say. I simply begin to feel words of importance. I talk to her about the ideal paradigm, the ideal perspective. The ideal balance is to realize that *it never ends*, there’s always more, there’s always another level of evolution. And even so, right now is enough, right now is all that we have, right now is all that is. Truly letting go of “not enough” allows us to embrace now. It allows us to have an experience of the presence of now. This allows for the experience of fulfillment and completeness NOW.

This state of completeness is completeness coupled with incompleteness. This state of fulfillment comes not from having it all, finding the divine truth or the divine answer, or the ultimate end or goal. It’s about being full now regardless of the end, regardless of more, regardless of past, regardless of future. This is really the ideal balance, because we’re able to experience the presence and fullness completely in the incompleteness, in the eternal neverending.

We continued in a state of presence and true connection, bringing words to stimulate Consciousness, and it was really only 10, 15 minutes of words being exchanged that really allowed the gateway, the death giving way to rebirth. I talked to her about death and rebirth and how only as we die can we be reborn. From nothingness everything is born. That open space, that pure potential, that’s where ALL is born.


New Paradigm Activation part II will follow later this week.

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