the New Paradigm I

The words that come through me to communicate the possibilities manifest in a conscious life are what I refer to as the New Paradigm. This actually has nothing to do with “old” or “new,” for time does not actually exist in the New Paradigm. “New” basically means potential. A paradigm of potential. Consciousness based on infinite potential

The basic difference between old paradigm and New Paradigm is that in the old paradigm (which is mode of the vast majority of the human population), one activates and lives out ideas and beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, true and false – rigid, moralistic, judgmental. In the New Paradigm, one realizes that right and wrong, good and bad, true and false are simply ideas that shape experience, and nothing more. Even ideas that are “good,” “powerful,” or “evolved” are limitations in comparison to pure potential.

In the New Paradigm, one lives from a place of moment to moment presence while in connection with divine source. Aware that “what is” is the result of perception, filter, operating system, etc. Reality, truth, and life are not absolute but relative, and are subject to change. In the old paradigm, because people were convinced of the aforementioned absolutes – not only believed them but even deified them, there was much limitation, resulting in much suffering. 

In future posts I will explore, expand, and expound the New Paradigm in more detail.

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